How to draw a tiger?

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How to draw a tiger?

Now we will talk about how to draw a tiger in pencil in stages. To get started, choose your favorite photo or drawing with a tiger. Consider drawing a tiger on the example of the head - the most difficult part of the picture. It must be said that any head, be it the head of a man or an animal, must be started with drawing auxiliary lines on the drawing. In this case, take as a basis any distance, measure the proportions and draw the lines with the help of this "standard". For example, a tiger with such a pattern may have a distance between the eyes, which is usually slightly larger than the width of the nose. You can also take the distance between the ears, which is usually equal to the distance from the crown to the nose, or any other distance. If it is more convenient for you, divide the drawing into cells.

There are also a few secrets of how to draw a tiger correctly. Remember, first of all, it is extremely important to correctly place the teeth and fangs on the face, because otherwise the tiger will look unnatural.Here you need to remember one rule (in the frontal drawing of the tiger's muzzle): if you continue the lines of the lower canines up, they rest on the corners of the (inner) eyes. The upper canines are placed proportionally. As for the strips on the fur, there is one more little trick here - place the strips in the figure so that the muzzle looks voluminous. Therefore, in thin lines, first mark the stripes a little and see how the muzzle will look like, and, if necessary, change the arrangement of the stripes.

As for the drawing of the mouth and the area around it, note that among representatives of the cat family, the spots from which the whiskers grow have dark spots at the base, and the closer to the nose, the smaller the spots are. The spots thus form four rows and look visually like stripes. If you continue the lines of spots, they converge just at the base of the nose. So check the accuracy of their location. After that, you can erase all auxiliary lines and start drawing incisors. The tiger has six incisors, and the extreme teeth are always larger than four medium ones - keep this in mind when drawing. The latter are usually drawn mustache, which do not represent a great complexity, even for a novice artist.

We hope that we have explained quite clearly to you how to draw a tiger step by step, more precisely, the most difficult detail for the image — the muzzle. If you still have questions about how to draw a tiger with a pencil, we recommend referring to animal photos, carefully study, compare and note the common features of all tigers. Experts recommend starting with drawing the frontal image, since many specific features of the "tiger anatomy" are visible on it.