How to draw chibi?

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How to draw chibi?

Many known characters chibi. How to draw a chibi, tell our article.

First you need to note the features of chibi It:

  • big head;
  • simplified drawing;
  • body roundness;
  • charming fatness, fullness.

The head of the chibi character is much larger relative to the whole body. As a rule, in the manga, the head takes 1/6, 1/7 of the whole character’s height, and the chibi’s head is 1/3 or half of the character’s height and looks just huge on a small body. Chibi eyes are large with dilated pupils. They also have simplified lashes and large glare. On the head, only the small tip of the nose is visible, and the mouth is large with an unspecified lower lip. Chibi is characterized by a rounded chin and plump cheeks, a thin neck or lack thereof. Here's how to draw a chibi correctly.

The simpler your chibi character is, the more charming it is. For example, the fist of a chibi warrior is simple, fingers are not visible on them, and no muscles are drawn on the arms themselves.

The roundness reflects the young age of all the characters.The head of such men is round, but lengthens as they grow older.

Next, we will describe how to draw a chibi in stages.

Drawing head chibi

  • First you need to draw a circle, then, a little lower, the chin is rounded;
  • Next, draw a large chibi eye, for which it is necessary to draw auxiliary lines.
  • Then you need to outline the lower and upper eyelids and draw the pupil. The upper lashes of a chibi are large, and the lower ones are thin and small.
  • Now you need with the help of the auxiliary circle to outline the border where the future hair will be. Doing this you need to remember that there will be a lot of them.
  • Next, you need to draw the details of the face: add a nose, mouth.
  • It remains to complicate the eyes and finish the hair.

We draw a character in full growth

  • First you need to draw a blank for the future figure of the chibi.
  • Now we need to circle our shape and erase the drawn blank.
  • Next, draw a dress on top of the resulting body.
  • Then you need to remove all the auxiliary lines and draw in the details of the character's hands.
  • It remains only to decorate the chibi. That's all, the character is ready.