How to draw a friendship?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 1, 2014
How to draw a friendship?

What is friendship? This is a strong reliable hand of a loved one who is ready to help. This is a smile. This is the willingness to accept each other as we are. You can draw friendships in several ways. We offer very simple, but at the same time understandable to everyone and easy to implement ideas.

Drawing animals

If you pay attention to the behavior of animals, you will definitely see that theyfriendshipable to be friends. Even completely different from nature, they can happily play with each other, relax, live side by side. For example, why not draw a friendship in the form of, for example, lying beside a cat and a dog?

It will be easier to draw cartoon characters. And because this is the option we offer to emerging artists.

  1. With the help of several circles and ovals determine the location of the figures - they must be in contact with each other. To work at this stage, take a solid pencil.
  2. Now begin to draw the individual details: heads with muzzles, torso, legs and tails.Eyes can be drawn both open and closed - as if the animals are sleeping.
  3. At the end, remove all the auxiliary lines, circle the drawing again with a softer pencil and color it.

If you have already reached a certain level of skill in the visual arts, then you can take as a basis and photograph real live cats and dogs -

Draw little men

You can gradually draw a pencil friendship, depicting on paper men walking in an embrace. For example, it could be a boy with a girl.

If you are already very confident in drawing and have a good imagination, you can try to draw as shown.

But for beginners, it will be easier to first sketch the picture with the help of geometric shapes (circle - head, rectangle or oval - body, etc.). Next, with each step you need to complicate the picture.

Men can hug or, for example, hold hands. It will be even easier only in the form of hands, removing the figures of the little men themselves.