How to draw in full growth?

A person’s drawing is perhaps the most complex of all the drawings, but there are special techniques that allow you to simply solve this problem. In the network you can find a lot of schemes, and here we present one of them.

So, in order to draw a man in full growth, we need: a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.

Drawing scheme

  1. We draw a rectangle with an aspect ratio of 3: 4 so that the larger sides are on the sides, and the smaller sides are above and below. Separate the rectangle with a vertical line through the center. Its length should be double the length of the larger side of the rectangle.
  2. We work with the top side of the rectangle. We draw an arc above it from edge to edge, and we erase the outline of the side, now the upper part of the human body looks more smoothly. Next to the starting and ending point of the arc, we draw an oval — these are the contours of the shoulders. Under ovals at a distance equal to about half of the larger side of the rectangle draw circles - these are the contours of the elbows. Find the center of the arc and in this place draw a neck - two vertical parallel lines.On the neck "plant" the head - an oval.
  3. We work with the bottom side of the rectangle. Here we also draw an arc and also erase the side contour - this is how we get more realistic outlines of the “hem” of a man’s T-shirt. Yes, we will wear our character in a T-shirt - this is the easiest.Man full height
  4. Now we recall the line that we have drawn in paragraph 1. We find the middle of its lower protruding part, on the left and right of it draw an oval — these are the contours of the knees. Then we find the lower edge of the protruding part of the line, on the left and right we draw circles - reference points for drawing shoes.
  5. Our next task is to shape the contours of the arms and legs, for this we use our landmarks - circles and ovals. Important! We will not draw hands - it is very difficult, our man will hold them behind his back, therefore, it is necessary to take the contour behind her. Feet, too, will not draw - our man will be shod, and therefore have to portray only the outlines of shoes.
  6. Now you need to remove the auxiliary ovals and circles and draw everything you need, including the outlines of clothing - T-shirt sleeves, trousers borders. You can draw pockets or add another interesting detail.
  7. We proceed to the most difficult - draw a face. The details of a person’s face are very difficult to draw, only portrayed by talented people or those who have completed art school can perform portraits correctly and realistically. Therefore, our task is to sketch facial features schematically. Since we will subsequently paint the drawing in pencil, such a performance will look quite harmonious. The nose is drawn semi-oval, the lips with a fat straight line, the eyes with two ovals, the pupils with black fat points, the eyebrows with two short arcs. Eyes - a very difficult moment, and if you can not get beautiful eyes with pupils, just draw two slashes - let the person be as if squinting.
  8. We are left to draw hair - here we leave you room for imagination. If you draw a man, you can jot down a “hedgehog”, if the girl is a smart head of hair.
  9. Now paint the picture. This is a rather difficult part of the job. In order for the drawing to be realistic, try to identify folds and shadows.

If you did not work out as you would like, do not be discouraged. Try again, after all, drawing is a very complicated matter! Do not think that you are "Krivoruchka", you just need to put a little more effort.Remember that every work is always rewarded in the end, which means you will definitely succeed!