How to draw with light?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
February 1, 2013
How to draw with light?

Nowadays photos with the image of different luminous figures are becoming more common. Among them there are real masterpieces. But ordinary amateur photographers do not even suspect that they themselves can become the creators of such works. Before we learn how to draw with light, let's try to figure out what kind of art it is.

What is the schedule of light

Drawing with light (in English, light graphic), or light graphics, is a special photography technique that captures drawings made by directional light sources. Also used are the terms freezelight (eng. Freezelight) - frozen light, and luminography (from the Latin lumen - light).

The first experiments in the field of photography began in the 20-30s. Twentieth century. The outstanding masters Laszlo Mokhoy-Nagy, Man Ray, and others experimented with light. Their works have become recognized masterpieces of world photography.

Nowadays, the availability of photographic equipment and other equipment has led to a massive passion for photography, and in recent years - and drawing light.This was facilitated by the emergence of digital cameras, allowing you to immediately evaluate the result. So how to draw light on the photo, and what is needed for this?

How to master drawing with light

Beginners will need a camera (not necessarily professional), a flashlight (preferably with a function to change the width of the light beam) and a tripod. You can create on the street when it is dark. But it is better to start at home, in a dark room - so that other light sources do not interfere.

It is easier to start together: one draws, the other captures. But - and one soldier in the field! You need to put the camera on a tripod, set the night mode and be sure to slow shutter speed. It is better to dress in dark clothes, on a hand in which there will be a small lamp, a black glove. And then you just need to move the flashlight in front of the lens, trying to portray different shapes with a beam of light.

Headlamp flashlights can serve as a light source, spinning them behind the gum, you can get intricate shapes, cell phones, candles, Christmas tree lights, etc. The “lightsaber” is a very popular light - a fluorescent lamp resembling a Star Wars sword.