How to draw tom?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 13, 2013
How to draw tom?

Everyone probably knows and remembers the cartoon about the endless rivalry between big cat Tom and little mouse Jerry. Someone admires famous characters on TV screens, someone has soft toys in the form of Tom and Jerry, and someone wants to learn how to draw them.

Let's try drawing Tom. For this we need some tools, namely:

  • album sheet;
  • a simple pencil Tm and M (hard-soft and soft);
  • eraser.

If you have everything ready, then let's get started.

  • The first thing we will do is position the landscape sheet in a vertical position. So we can convey the growth of our gray hero Tom. Then we should note the height and width of the entire pattern. The hero should turn out to be proportional, not “small and fat.” The same we have slim.
  • The second step the artist needs to outline the shape of a cat, using ovals. That is, at this stage, the cat will consist exclusively of ovals, which will then facilitate the drawing of small parts.
  • In the third turn, when the form is already outlined by ovals, you can proceed to drawing the main form.Here we have to follow this advice: it is better to start drawing the main form from the head. This also applies to Jerry. If you want to draw it later. It is also advisable to start with the head. We depict the eyes, eyebrows, mustaches, mouth. With the help of small ovals draw paws. At the end in the form of elongated ovals depict the tail. Our masterpiece is close to its logical conclusion. Now you can proceed to shading. At this stage it is important not to disturb the color balance. You can leave a hero like that, because cats and cats can be gray, and if you want, you can add a little brightness and a little color to the drawing.

Now you know how to draw tom. Have a good time. Let you please your drawings and cheer up.

How to draw tom

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