How to dress hip-hop?

Light, dynamic, comfortable, minimalistic or vibrant and diverse - all about popular hip-hop style among young people. Hip-hop culture implies a certain music, movement, dance, energy, youth and a bit of external brilliance, which is manifested in bright colors, decorations or unusual design. Girls dress brightly and unusually often, using also large accessories, the boys prefer convenience and simple style more, and from the accessories they choose chains, wristbands, caps and baseball caps. We will talk about how and where you can dress hip-hop, who prefers stylish and high-quality minimalism.

Where to buy clothes?

The online store offers a choice of various hip-hop clothes in a minimalist style for men and women. In categories there are a lot of different things, for convenience, they are all presented according to brand sections. With this online store you can assemble a minimal wardrobe of a hip-hoop. You can look at things with prints of domestic and foreign groups and performers, as well as look at the brands section, where popular rapper brands are presented, for example,

What to wear?

Male style

  1. T-shirts and T-shirts. T-shirts for several sizes larger, standard and bright colors are welcome. They can be monophonic or with prints of favorite groups. T-shirts can be classic-fitting, basic shades: white, black, gray, brown. Skinny T-shirts are best combined with wide trousers or jeans.
  2. Hoodie, sweatshirts with hoods - constant elements of the wardrobe of hip-hop. Combined with all the basic things, comfortable to wear, form a style. Choose things with semi-free or free hoods, high-quality zippers with large and deep pockets: kangaroos, overhead, usual deep ones - large details will best emphasize style. Initially, such colors were popular with dark colors, now bright and deep shades are quite relevant.
  3. Wide trousers and jeans-tube. In the classic rapper style, a wide bottom is popular: low-waisted jeans-tubes, slightly hanging; dark trousers made of durable fabric with patch pockets, wide sweatpants. Such are perfectly combined with any top and ideally fit into style.
  4. Footwear - sports: sneakers, sneakers, sneakers.It should be comfortable to walk, run, dance.
  5. Accessories. Popular bandanas, baseball caps (in the classics - straight visor), fitting hats, various wristbands. Massive gold chains, earrings, large rings, jeweled watches are also popular hip-hop accessories that rich people can afford. Piercing is popular, but in moderation.

Feminine style

In many ways, women's style is similar to men's, but in the process of developing hip-hop fashion, ladies also brought a little bit of femininity into it, which is the main difference from men's.

  1. T-shirts, T-shirts, wide trousers and pants, hoodies, baseball caps are also popular. This is a classic and basic, but it is not necessary to copy it completely to girls. For example, wide jeans can be combined with a fitting top of an interesting design: this way you can keep the style and emphasize the beautiful lines of the female body.
  2. Girls often approach their wardrobe creatively, creating comfortable and stylish options from simple in design, but unusual in the design decision of things. You can wear dark leggings, a tight-fitting T-shirt, put on an elongated sports vest with a zipper and a hood, and choose high-quality, light-weight sneakers from the shoes.In the summer, you can wear short denim shorts with loose tops or T-shirts. From jewelry fit large earrings, bracelets or various pendants. Makeup - moderately bright. Hair can be worn loose, tied up, tied into African braids or dreadlocks.
  3. Club image can be very, very attractive. If you want to dance, you can wear a top with a short mini-skirt or a short dark dress with a semi-fitted silhouette and sporty glamorous feminine shoes. If you only intend to rest, then you can choose a dress or a tight top with a longer skirt, and certainly heeled shoes.

Hip-hop style - one of the most simple, comfortable and minimalist. Recently, it has been influenced by neighboring trends, classical traditions are changing, the range of fashionable things is expanding. Nevertheless, it is possible to assemble the main wardrobe quickly and inexpensively both in regular and online stores.