How to drink rum?

Rum - the most popular drink of pirates of the Caribbean, who robbed merchant ships. Why did they love rum so much? The fact is that the drink not only raised the spirits, but also warmed and satisfied hunger. That is why it was part of the menu of British sailors until 1970.

How to drink rum: rules

Fans of this oldest drink surely know the answer. Pirates drank it exclusively from bottles. Nowadays, rum is served in glasses with very thick walls and bottom. Properly drink rum necessarily with ice and optionally with lemon. Often rum is mixed with juices, various syrups or carbonated drinks. Such cocktails are often decorated with umbrellas, Bengal lights and even flowers, usually orchids.

Women often choose rum with ice, it has a less tart and soft taste. Although rum cocktails are considered the strongest, women often choose them. It should be noted that in cocktails the taste of rum is lost, but it acquires a new taste.

How to drink Bacardi rum

The most famous brand of rum is considered "Bacardi". It is a soft dark rum with a rich aroma. How to drink rum Bacardi? The most popular way is a cocktail of rum and cola in the ratio of 1 to 4, in addition, you can drink it just with a glass of water or juice.How to drink dark rum? It is usually customary to serve it in various cocktails, for example, in Mojito.

  • How to drink rum and coke? Cocktail “Bacardi-Cola”, mix 1 part rum with 3 parts cola, add ice. At the time of Prohibition, young Al Capone added Jamaican rum to a carbonated drink, parents did not understand what was happening, but they found out about it late. Since then, this cocktail drink late in the evening. Here it turns out, how to drink Jamaican rum.
  • Cocktail “Ice Island in Fire”: 20 g Smirnoff vodka, 20 g gin Gordon's, 20 g rum, 20 g liqueur Triple sec, 80 g Sour mix mix, add ice and pour into a glass “Hurricane”, top with a little cola and decorate a lemon. Drink until 3 am.

The elite variety of “Bacardi” is rum “Bacardi Black” (Bacardi Black), it has an unusually mild flavor. Before use, it is recommended to warm it up, since drinking Bacardi Black rum is taken hot with cinnamon and lemon juice. This punch will be a great completion of lunch or dinner.

How to drink rum Captain Morgan and others

You have already understood that there are many types of rum, and, accordingly, many ways to use it. How to drink Bacardi rum figured out, go further. Let's see, for example, how to drink golden rum? Drink it taken in cocktails or in pure form. On the basis of it, one of the most popular cocktails is often prepared - punch.

Traditional punch is made from five components: rum, sugar, tea, water, lemon juice. Pure rum is usually drunk after meals.

Another legendary variety of rum is rum Captain Morgan. It was created by the real pirate Henry Morgan in 1670. This rum has a soft, smooth rich taste with a predominance of vanilla flavor, the taste of sweet cane molasses and the smell of oak barrels, honey and vanilla. You can drink rum Captain Morgan in the most unusual cocktails, and you can also use it in its pure form with ice and lemon. Add a taste of a good cigar.

In 1985, the island of Barbados produced the rum liqueur "Malibu" (Malibu), it is called the rum "Malibu", it immediately became the hallmark of the island. This is a rum with a strength of 21% with the addition of natural coconut. Most often it is used to mix orange or cranberry in cocktails with pineapple juice, as well as with cola and even with milk, since it is accepted to drink Malibu rum in cocktails, they are rarely drunk in their pure form. Here are some common Malibu rum cocktails.

  • Cocktail “Tropical Kiss”: mix 30 ml of rum with 30 ml of Stolichnaya vodka, add cranberry and pineapple juice to taste. Served in tall glasses.
  • Cocktail Malibu Margarita: mix 1¼ part rum, 1 part tequila, ½ part Triple Sec, 1 ½ part lemon juice. Served in a glass, the edges of which are sprinkled with salt.

Rum has long been known to connoisseurs of spirits, but in Russia it has become relatively recently. The Russian climate is conducive to the use of such a drink, but it should be noted that the unique qualities of rum act much better if the amount consumed is small.