How to dry cherries?

Many people do not have the opportunity to enjoy fresh berries in the winter. But to recall the taste of summer, you can eat dried. And how to properly dry the cherries to make it tasty and retain its benefits?

What cherry will do?

For drying, you can use any type of cherry, but it is advisable to choose sweet ones, since they contain more sugar and, accordingly, they are much tastier and longer stored. All berries must be ripe, unripe ones will not work.

How to prepare fruit?

The main stages of preparation:

  1. First, the berries need to sort out to select only the most ripe and unspoiled. Rotten and wormy fruit for drying can not be used.
  2. Now wash all the selected berries in running water.
  3. Then you can process the cherry with soda solution, this will, firstly, destroy all pathogenic microorganisms, and secondly, prepare the fruit for drying. To carry out such processing, dissolve 5 tablespoons of soda in a liter of hot water and immerse the cherry in the solution for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Some people advise blanching the fruit before drying, which allows it to remove air from the pulp and speed up the drying process, as well as destroy bacteria. In a saucepan of boiling water, immerse a sieve or colander with a cherry for a minute.
  5. Then you can remove the bones and cut the berries in half, but it is better not to do this, as whole cherries will be better preserved and more delicious.

How to dry?

So, how to dry cherries? We offer two ways.

First way

This option is suitable for those who have a private house, cottage or at least a spacious balcony. Spread the fruit on any plane, for example, on a tray. Take him outside. But the place should be sunny, well and constantly lit, not wet and ventilated. In the rain and at night, it is desirable to remove the tray home in a dry room. And to protect the cherry from flies, wasps and other insects, you can cover it with gauze.

Second way

If you want to figure out how to quickly dry the cherries at home, then this method will suit you. The fruits are quickly dried in the oven. But it should be borne in mind that in this case much less useful substances are stored in them than with natural drying.

Main stages:

  1. Preheat the oven to 50-60 degrees and place in it a baking tray with cherries, spreading it in an even layer (it is advisable to leave a space between the berries).
  2. After two hours, add the fire to 80 degrees and dry the cherries for about two to three hours.
  3. Then again reduce the temperature to 50-60 degrees and dry the fruit for about two or three hours. The whole process can take about 8-9 hours.

How to understand that the cherry has dried?

If the cherry does not dry out, then it can spoil. But how to understand that she is completely ready?

  • By pressing. Just click on the berries. Juice from them should not stand out.
  • Taste. Try one or more cherries. The taste should be pleasant, sweet and sour. The flesh itself must be dense.
  • By color. It should become brown or dark maroon.


A few recommendations:

  1. It is better to store dried cherries in ceramic or glass lockable containers or in bags. In packages, the berries can spoil and get an unpleasant taste.
  2. Homemade dried cherries do not remove immediately. Follow her for two days. If you notice moisture, the drying should continue.
  3. You can use dried cherries as an additive to desserts, pastries, drinks, yogurt.
  4. You can use a special dryer.
  5. The juicier the cherry, the longer it will dry.

Dry the fruit properly so that it retains its taste and benefits.

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