How to dry the body?

The human body is designed in such a way that maximum muscle relief can be achieved only with a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat and a large amount of muscle mass. At the same time, there is one subtlety. With an increase in muscle volume, the fat layer also increases at the same time. Drying the body is the best way to give the body the desired relief. Let's look at how to dry the body.

Drying highlights

Drying should be only in the absence of overweight. The drying procedure is aimed at burning subcutaneous fat. Otherwise, you should resort to exercises for weight loss and diets.

There are three main components of drying - diet, supporting drugs and a set of exercises. Drying the muscles is a long and complicated process. Most likely, the results will be noticeable only after a few weeks. Therefore, do not despair if progress does not come immediately. For inspiration, you can read our article How to dry the body.

Proper nutrition

The most common four-phase food during drying.In addition, if you are determined to properly dry the body, then you should correctly choose the food and comply with the regime.

  1. A low carbohydrate diet. At this stage, nutrition needs to be balanced in such a way as to reduce carbohydrate intake. In this period, the largest percentage is accounted for proteins (50-60%) and, to a lesser extent, fats and carbohydrates. The first stage of the diet lasts up to 6 weeks.
  2. Carbohydrate-free diet. At the second stage it is necessary to reduce the level of carbohydrate production to a minimum. Stage lasts depending on the health of the athlete.
  3. The inclusion of carbohydrates in the diet and removal of water from the body. At this stage, it is also recommended to pay attention only to proteins and to include some carbohydrates in the diet. In addition, water should be removed from the body in natural and artificial ways.
  4. Carbohydrate stage. At the last stage of the diet for drying the body, you should maximally include carbohydrates in your diet, preferably with a high glycemic index. 3-4 days will be enough to restore the body.

If you feel that your body can not cope with the presented regime, then it is better to abandon it than to recover your health for a long time. In addition, the need for nutrients in men and women varies.This means that food that helps a girl�s body to dry should be different than for a man.

Body Drying Training

It is important to understand that drying is stressful for the body. When it is not gaining muscle mass, and the body intensively burns reserves of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, do not lean on a lot of weight in training. It is desirable to reduce the working weight to a minimum, while significantly increasing the number of approaches.

To effectively dry your body of fat, you should include aerobic exercises such as jogging, exercise on a stationary bike, etc., in your workouts. You should also significantly increase the time of aerobic exercise. It is recommended to run after sleep or power loads in the evening, depending on the mode of the day.

Supportive drugs

Quite often, supporting preparations are used to effectively dry the body. They must be used strictly for the intended purpose and, of course, not to get carried away. The most common vitamin-mineral complexes, energy and adaptogens (eg, ginseng). In some cases, it is recommended to use diuretic drugs to remove water.

As we have said, the body of men and women are very different. Therefore, drugs that help dry the body of a girl can be absolutely useless for a guy.

If you decide to actively engage in drying the body, it is important to understand that this procedure has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. Drying is an extreme condition for your body. In order to properly dry the body, you should first consult both your trainer and your doctor.