How to eat brawn?

Sergey Nikolaev
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How to eat brawn?

Jelly-like meat broth with pieces of meat is an indispensable attribute of many holiday tables in Russia. In addition, in many families, aspic is served as the main dish for lunch or dinner. Let's talk about how to eat jelly, with which it is best combined, how to serve this dish on the table and how often it is recommended to eat it.

Aspic - very tasty and hearty dish. Although its caloric content largely depends on the ingredients and the method of preparation, nutritionists still do not recommend eating brawn more than twice a week. This cold snack is well combined with alcoholic beverages and will decorate any holiday table.

Often, jelly is eaten simply with bread. It is customary to combine this dish with seasonings such as mustard and horseradish. Many, before serving, chop jelly into squares measuring 2-3 cm., And then eat a fork with a fork with fried potatoes and pickles. Some people like to dilute vinegar in cold water and dip pieces of brawn there.Also, there are lovers of jelly with crushed garlic mixed with sour cream, or eat with ketchup, mayonnaise or adjika.

The sliced boiled eggs, lettuce or parsley leaves, canned green peas, olives, fresh cucumber and dill greenery will help add aesthetics and appetizing to the dish. Marinated corn with greens or slices of lemon and carrots can add piquancy to brothel. For originality, jelly can be poured not into large plates, but into portioned molds, after having decorated the bottom. It is clear that you need to spread the contents of the forms on saucers upside down so that the decoration of the portion is located on top.