How to feed tomatoes?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to feed tomatoes?

Tomatoes are very useful because they are rich in iron. But their cultivation is not simple. However, you can get a good harvest, if you know how to feed the tomatoes. Then you can brag to them in front of your family and friends.

Features feeding tomato

You should know that you need to feed tomatoes when planting seedlings in the ground. So in the hole intended for the plant must be made 2 weeks before planting 500 grams of wood ash, a humus bucket, 30 g each. urea and potassium chloride and 100 gr. superphosphate. However, this can not stop, to get a really good harvest, as the bushes grow should be fed several more times. To do this, you can contact the store where special fertilizers are sold, and ask the seller how to feed the tomato seedlings.

As a rule, you will be advised to fertilizer depending on your soil, but if you do not know what kind of land is on your plot, then you will not regret it if you buy a complex mineral fertilizer, such as "Agricola" or "Effekton".

We make fertilizer at home

If you do not trust the purchased formulations, you can always prepare a top dressing yourself. Tomatoes will grow well if they are watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and it also protects the plant from diseases. If your bushes still look povyadchimi, and you can not imagine how to feed the tomatoes, so that they return healthy appearance, then you probably need this feeding recipe: you need to crush the eggshell into powder, dissolve it in water and give the mixture a few days to infuse. When the solution is ready, they can water the tomatoes.

If your bushes have unrelated fruits, then they can be fed with a solution of nitroammofoski. You need to take 2 matchboxes of this tool and dissolve in a bucket of water. Then immediately water the plant. In just a few days you will see small fruits. Well, here you also know how to feed tomatoes so that the harvest will be the envy of everyone.