How to find a good ultrasound diagnostic center?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
November 7, 2016
How to find a good ultrasound diagnostic center?

Are standing queues at public clinics confusing you? Finding professional ultrasound diagnostics is now easy on

A new convenient service to search for medical centers for ultrasound diagnostics in Moscow began its work. The Uzimsk portal gathered a detailed database of clinics with direct contact details and real patient reviews. The service includes all popular types of ultrasound examinations.

The main advantages of Uzimsk:

  • full list of ultrasound centers of the capital;
  • information about discounts and promotions;
  • detailed price list;
  • search by subway;
  • sorting by price;
  • verified reviews;
  • direct contacts.

Choose the type of diagnosis

Finding a diagnostic center with professional equipment and competent doctors is now easy! Enter the type of study you are interested in in the appropriate field, for example, “soft tissue ultrasound” and indicate the area or metro station.


You will see the results immediately and be able to sort them by rating,cost or reviews.

Choose a convenient center for ultrasound diagnostics

Make the right choice will help more information. For the convenience of visitors, the basic information is shown immediately in the search results. Uzimsk has all the necessary information - a work schedule, a contact phone number of the clinic, a detailed profile.

The location of the medical center can be clearly seen on the map, which shows the landmarks and the nearest metro stations.


The portal openly posted information about the cost of procedures. You will immediately see how much ultrasound costs and will find the best option. We monitor the relevance of the data and systematically update the price lists. You will be the first to learn about ongoing promotions and discounts.

To determine the location of the survey will help reviews of visitors. Patients rate the center according to three key parameters - service, convenience, location and waiting time. The highest rating is five full stars or 10 points.

At Uzimsk, they strictly monitor the authenticity of the opinions left, each comment is carefully checked. To publication is not allowed frankly advertising and obscene recommendations.

Make an appointment

After choosing a medical center, call the direct contact number and agree on the time of admission. Examinations are carried out by appointment. This helps avoid queues and save patient time.

Compare prices, study information, reviews of visitors and choose the best diagnostic center.