How to find a husband

Determine the approximate parameters of a man whom you would like to see next to all his life. Before starting the search, you need to set yourself a clear goal, and it will consist in accurate knowledge of the character, habits, appearance, and other parameters of the candidate husband. But keep in mind that there are no ideal men, like women, therefore the parameters you have thought up will only be a guideline.
Look for a husband in decent places. Dating in bars and nightclubs will give you pleasant moments of communication and fleeting connections, but not a worthy candidate for a husband. Of course, there are exceptions, but for safety net it is still better to make new male acquaintances in restaurants, cafes, gyms and on the streets.
Pay attention to the family and friends of men. After a sufficient rapprochement, it is worthwhile to start a conversation, and it is better to meet in person with his closest people, because he will most likely unknowingly repeat a pattern of behavior from his own family.Pay your attention to the communication of his parents among themselves, the relationship of a man with his family. Friends will tell you his interests. For example, lovers of drinking and drinking until the morning will say that the chosen one has not yet walked up.
Communicate with the applicant for your hand and heart on the topic of his goals in life. This moment is fundamentally important, because their similarity with yours will be an excellent foundation for marriage.
Assess the similarity of your interests, they should in no case be opposite. At least a few lessons should attract both of you. The moments of finding together should bring pleasure, but not you.
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Trust and mutual respect - this is something without which it is impossible to build a successful marriage. Build them from the very beginning, try not to undermine and strengthen them.
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Try not to succumb to feelings, when pronouncing the coveted "yes" be sure to connect the mind. Marriages created during the period of passion and based only on strong emotions, last only a few years, and sometimes even months.