How to find a supplier?

Andrey Semykin
Andrey Semykin
January 21, 2013
How to find a supplier?

For a person engaged in any direction of trade, the question of finding reliable bona fide suppliers is the key. A universal answer to the question of where to find suppliers simply does not exist. However, it is safe to say that a well-organized search on the Internet will almost certainly give the desired result.

Exchange providers in RuNet

There are quite a few Russian sites where wholesale suppliers place their offers. As an example, the sites "", "", "". On these sites, mainly suppliers of industrial goods are presented, although there are also offers for the supply of food. By the way, in addition to viewing offers from suppliers, you can leave your requests with the required parameters of the goods.

How to find suppliers for the store

If you own a grocery store, and the offers from the products section on the above sites for some reason do not suit you, you can search for suitable products of farms.The site "" was created just so that buyers could go directly to the farmers-producers. Many offers of farm products can also be found at this address:.

How to find a supplier abroad

If you are not afraid of the prospect of working with foreign partners and customs, why not buy goods directly abroad? Most often, the procurement of goods is carried out in China. Find a Chinese supplier is not so difficult, go to the sites: "" and "". True, to work with them will require knowledge of the English language. But after all, with suppliers, most likely, will have to communicate in English.

If you want to find a supplier in Europe, you can recommend the site "". This site brings together suppliers from all over Europe. There are also wholesalers websites for individual countries: Germany - B2B-Zentrum

Do you want to go directly to foreign manufacturers? Favorite in Russia, Yandex will be a bad helper here. Try the Google version for the country where you are going to find a supplier. How to find this version? Very simple! In the search engine enter the phrase "google germany search" - and get a link to the site.

Similarly, you can find a version for other countries. Successes you in search!