How to find out the short number?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
October 1, 2014
How to find out the short number?

It is now increasingly on various services on the network, in the media offer to send SMS to a short number, and in return receive any service for a small fee. The proposals are very attractive, and the cost is low, but not always it corresponds to reality. People began to understand this and often wondered how to find out a short number in order to avoid deception and to know which operator it is attached to.

Short number definition

A short number is a telephone number that has from three to five digits in contrast to the standard ones. Such numbers are often used by various organizations, reference, emergency services.

Short numbers are divided into:

  • Dialing - numbers at which dialing the call becomes.
  • Messaging - numbers to which you want to send messages.

How to find out the cost of a short number?

Each mobile operator - MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele 2 - provides an opportunity to find out the cost of the service and its description on the page of its site.It is there that the most reliable information.

Megaphone allows you to determine the cost of SMS by the following command from the phone: * 107 * short number # and a call button. The service is free.

Operator Tele 2 also provided for a free service on the phone: * 125 * short number #. By calling 611, you can also find out about the cost of SMS without paying a penny.

How to find out the federal number by short?

Sometimes a cell phone call is received, and it is not clear what number it is: urban or federal. Of course, this does not happen often, because in most cases, operators issue a federal version when the number 7 is in front, then the three-digit region code and subscriber number. But there is an opportunity for convenience to get a short version.

It is very difficult to determine the full federal number by the short version, you can only find out the last 4 digits. After all, today, telecom operators offer to install a short number on the existing long (in the form of the last four digits of the federal option). Also, the federal number for a short can be found by calling the operator.