How to find the mileage?

Elena Shchugoreva
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How to find the mileage?

When buying a car, its price depends on its mileage. Vehicle mileage is very easy, as experts say, to change, tweaking instrument readings, not only mechanical, but electronic. Therefore, if you are going to buy a used car, learn how to find out the mileage of a car not by its instruments, but by other signs.

Instrument readings

On the odometer, you can see the numbers showing how many kilometers the car has traveled in its entire history. If they do not stand exactly in relation to each other, then this is the first sign that the readings were twisted, that is, changed in a smaller direction.

The appearance of the car

The first piece of advice that autotechnics will give you, if you are interested in finding out how to run a car, is to perform a thorough visual inspection If you are told about a small run of the car, but on detailed inspection you did not find small cracks and chips of paintwork, which in any case would be if the car was in use, it means that it was completely painted recently, and that under this coating it was not known.But if there are micro cracks, then it is also possible to say about mileage from them. The more of them and they are deeper, the more the car has run.

Auto interior

There is another way how to find out the actual mileage of the car. If you saw a new gas distribution belt in the car, and the seller says that the car did not pass 100,000 km, then he is not telling the truth. Because this belt must be changed every 100 thousand. When approaching this mark it should be with average wear. And if you were told, the mileage is 120-130 km, and the belt has an extreme degree of wear, then it is clear that about 200, or even all 300 thousand km have passed the car.

The actual mileage of the car can be calculated from the state of the brake disc. Take a look under the front pad and inspect the part of the disc about which the pad does not rub. On the edge of the disc and because of this, a brake rim is formed, its width is more than 2-3 millimeters. In this case, the car mileage is more than 20 thousand kilometers.