What is the job for money?

What is the job for money?

What is the job for money?



Imagine for a moment such an unbelievable situation: every Russian knows where he received a large sum of money, for example, one million Russian rubles. Most likely, the majority of Russian citizens will put money into the work, perhaps on forex, so that they bring additional profit, and some simply and without hesitation spend it on purchases for themselves and their families. Let's return to the first case and try to figure out how money can bring in revenue.




  1. Method number 1. Deposit.The first and easiest way to figure out how to find work for money is to make a deposit in a bank and put money there, for example, at nine percent per annum. This scheme brings a small profit, and it is quite reliable, with the condition if you use it wisely. And competently it is if you divide the amount into two parts, and that each of them was less than seven hundred thousand rubles. This is necessary to ensure that the depositor can participate in the mandatory deposit insurance system and invest in banks. However, there is one not very pleasant moment - inflation.She can easily eat all possible income, and even a portion of the money invested. It also happens that the real inflation rate is very high and exceeds sixteen percent per year. In this case, the amount of money will increase every year, and consumer properties, on the contrary, will decrease. In the end, this idea can sometimes be meaningless.
  2. Method number 2. Buy real estate.Investing in the purchase of real estate a million rubles is a good option. There is a public opinion that real estate prices are growing every day, and this opinion is very close to the realities of reality. In addition, the purchased property can be leased and receive additional income from it. Only there are a couple of nuances. The first is that the money spent will be repaid an indefinite amount of time, and the second is difficult to find a property worth a million rubles, as a rule, real estate is more expensive.
  3. Method number 3. Open a small business.A great option for investing cash, which means that you can become an entrepreneur, and this million will act as a seed capital for starting a business.In this case, the amount of profit and speed of cost recovery will directly depend on the chosen profile and field of activity of the enterprise, and of course on the skills and abilities of the entrepreneur himself to do business. The negative side of this option is manifested in the fact that there are a number of external factors that one way or another can affect the prosperity and promotion of the enterprise. Such factors may be the human factor, for example, personnel that will work in your submission; Legislation that manifests itself in taxation and non-tariff trade regulation measures, for example, it may be necessary to obtain a license and other documents. It is not by chance that statistics show the fact that only a tenth of the total number of newly opened enterprises survive.


What is the job for money? As a result, what we have: to carry money to the bank is useless, buying real estate and renting it out means that income will take a long time to wait, and opening a small business is difficult. If you still want to - see here business ideas for small businesses. However, not everything is so sad.There are other options for profit from cash, for example, the financial market. It should be noted that this method is quite risky, but it is very profitable.


This market operates on the principle of speculation in prices for different currencies. The principle is quite simple: buy a currency as cheaply as possible, and then sell it as much as possible. Such a system of work in the financial market is not suitable for everyone, but those to whom it is suitable, and who are able to cope with this system, can earn decent amounts of money in this market, and in a short time.


What is the job for money? Let us understand in more detail with the financial markets, what they are and what you can trade on them:

  1. Commodity market.In such markets, trade in goods and services takes place. This market is one of the oldest markets, the work on which requires thoughtfulness and considerable strength. For example, in order to be able to trade in oil, it is necessary to know well the specifics of oil and to be well versed in it. However, this knowledge will not be enough. You also need to understand the factors that may affect the pricing of oil - economic,environmental, political and other factors.
  2. Stock market.In such markets, securities are traded. Some people buy them, others sell them. This market, along with the commodity market, is the oldest market, which began more than two hundred years ago. Working in the stock market, you will not notice how interesting it is, and the addictive work becomes pleasant for you as a game. Despite these advantages, the work requires possession of certain knowledge about those who issued securities with which you work. This is necessary because the value of securities can be influenced by both global factors and internal factors, for example, family circumstances of the board members of the company.
  3. Interbank foreign exchange market.This market is the youngest and fairly rapidly developing market of all. In this market, money is traded, because money is also a commodity that is always necessary for all people. Brokers prefer this market more than others, because the work on it is simple, and the market itself is clear and transparent. However, this does not mean that absolutely everyone can trade currency.

This market is just one way to make money. It's a profession, and this profession needs to also work hard and practice your skills. The foreign exchange market can help you get both good money and lose all your money. Therefore, before working on the interbank foreign exchange market, you need to think carefully, and then begin to act.


Ways to save savings.



Due to the unstable economic situation in the world, people are increasingly trying to protect money in various ways. In addition, almost everyone is trying to save their money - both millionaires and the middle class. Because of the sad experience of previous years, Russian banks do not trust commercial banks. The goal that people seek to achieve is to preserve what they already have in their entirety, and people do not even think about making money and making money.


Ways to save savings are very diverse. All because the crisis manifests itself in the fact that a large number of people lose money. Someone more, and some less. We propose to consider several ways to save savings.

  1. Method number 1. Change rubles for dollars.This method has operated for a long time and is still used by people as a reflex. But now the dollar is also subject to inflation, so this reflex is already slowly being silenced. If we compare rubles and dollars, it becomes clear that the dollar is growing, so some Russians continue to intuitively buy them with all their money. But as far as this method is appropriate? The external debt of the United States of America is constantly growing and has already exceeded 13 trillion dollars. Conclusions about the economic situation of the country are disappointing. A country can pay off its debts only through loans and loans, sinking into debt even more. The US economy is a financial pyramid, and the pyramid in any case will collapse - this is the law. The collapse of the pyramid will mean the depreciation of currencies, the collapse of the economy and as a result the state will become bankrupt. It may also happen that the pyramid will take a long time due to the ingenuity of the Americans, but the end will always be obvious. Money is not a goal in itself, but a means. The goal is trade and economic processes. In order for the dollar to fall in price, it is necessary that trade volumes fall so that the demand for the dollar drops.If this process starts, it will not end. Here the principle of the chain reaction.
  2. Method number 2. Buying other currencies.You can buy euros, yuan, yen, and other currencies. Despite the fact that the economies of Japan and China are stronger and more powerful than the US, the situation in this case is far from obvious and, all the more, is not predictable. One should be cautious, since all countries are very closely connected economically with each other, and the crisis in one country will respond to negative consequences for the other country, and where they will be worse - it is not known. The risk of being out of money is higher, but investing may be more efficient.
  3. Method number 3. Stay with their rubles and do not change anything.Do not think that this method is not serious and ridiculous. This option may be the most effective and save all your money, unlike others. In the short term this is the case. The Russian economy is in a more promising state compared to the US economy. But in the long run, forecasts are not very encouraging. However, the prospect does not in all cases mean the final result. This prospect must be realized by someone.In addition, where to go from the global crisis? Nowhere. It affects absolutely all states. The behavior of currencies and metals is unknown and unpredictable. It is necessary not just to go through it, but to go out with minimal losses.
  4. Method number 4. Purchase of expensive items and their subsequent resale.The method is very sad. It is difficult to predict the growth of prices for goods, and now there is no shortage. You can buy anything, anywhere. This is an absolutely inexpedient way.
  5. Method number 5. Buy property.This is a relatively simple investment tool. He has a huge advantage in that the investor has the opportunity to receive a steady income in the form of rent. But there is a minus for this method, it is illiquid. If you suddenly need money and need to sell a property, then it will cost a lot of time. Therefore, it is not recommended to invest all your capital in real estate, because of the illiquidity of real estate. However, investing part of the capital in real estate is a good way to save money and make a profit.
  6. Method number 6. Buy precious metals.Ways to save savings also include the use of gold.Experts say that metal prices are constantly growing, but no one will dare to make long-term prospects. Metals are also unpredictable and can behave in the same way as currency. They can go down together in price, but they can also grow. It is possible to find examples in the history when money lost much in value, but gold did not cease to grow.


What is the job for money?

What is the job for money?

However, there is an example of a strong depreciation of gold. It was in Europe, after there was a major import of stolen gold from America. It, of course, was not completely depreciated, but lost much in value. Now such an event can happen if only a multi-ton meteorite of gold falls on the planet ... but not the fact that humanity will care about gold prices.


Recalling the times of the Great Depression in the United States of America, we see that state policy implies the removal of gold and products from its citizens. A little later, the government refuses to provide the currency with gold, due to the fact that foreigners who had a certain amount of dollars, persistently sought to convert dollars into gold.


Now in world practice, gold has ceased to be a payment instrument, but, nevertheless, no one is going to give up its reserves.In past centuries, gold was a universal world currency that everyone perceived and trusted this yellow metal. By the way, the worse the situation in a country or region, and even in the world, the more people trusted gold. To this day, millions, maybe billions of people around the world trust gold.


The use of gold is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to buy, and even harder to sell it. In case of various currency transactions with gold, taxes must be paid, and all these auxiliary operations make short-term operations with gold not profitable. However, long-term investments in gold will prove to be an acceptable way. It may not be the most profitable and reliable, but to save money is a very good option.


These methods of saving savings will help you save your money.