How to find yourself and change your life for the better

In the presence of what? I affirm that each person has an intuitive knowledge of his mission and can move in that direction in the shortest possible time. But those factors that are present in his life here and now, are a kind of a brake on this movement.

How to find yourself and change your life for the better

The most important factor is fear, which forces us to demonstrate two standard reactions - flight and fading. As a rule, fear is not recognized by us. The easiest way to pay attention to how we are repeatedly at the level of dreaming about what I want to achieve. As we pass by the countless opportunities offered to us by the world around us.

Fear is both a defense mechanism and a disease that we have infected from others. We tend to fill with fear any uncertainty, which is any abstract goal.

The second most powerful factor is the presence in the life of those cases in which a person is currently engaged. Unloved cases.Cases that take a lot of energy and require a lot of time. These things create a negative emotional background that makes it almost impossible to feel what makes you happy and what doesn't. Well and besides, to try a new business, time is required. And there is no time, he was devoured by unloved things. Unfortunately, many talented people are so mired in this swamp that there is little chance of getting out.

The following group of factors relates to the external environment.

The first of them is the opinions of nearby friends, relatives, authorities. The way in which people who call themselves our loved ones try to “help us live better”.

“To be a mechanic? Noo, locksmiths do little, do the dirty work, drink and stink. Better sit in the ass in a clean office. And if I told my mother that I wanted to be a mechanic, she would either die or make a scandal. ”

How to find yourself and change your life for the better

Our possible changes frighten close to the devil. They crave for change, but they are terribly afraid of them, so all that remains for them is to project their fear onto us. It is understandable: if we change, then, in fact, we will become other people, and households with friends will not know what to do with us.

The following factor from this group is also associated with the environment, but it is internal. In psychology, it is called introjection. It is based on the patterns of behavior of authorities, most often parents, which we unconsciously made our own, and also on their negative assessment. All this absorbs our psyche and makes a program of behavior. If the daddy wiped his pants all his life on hateful work, and when he came home, told his son that he was completely useless, then the child would have some difficulties ...

The most powerful brake is laziness. This is an animal factor, which is that any creature tends to maintain the usual level of effort, allowing it to satisfy basic needs, being in balance

The life of most of us is at a comfortable level. We have where to live and what to eat. Therefore, the question of making efforts to enable us to reveal our nature, we tend to leave for later. In addition, efforts will have to be made now, and therefore - to destroy the comfort of the swamp. The result is not obvious. Why try?

And strangely enough, in a huge number of cases, the strongest brake is the message "I must find the cause of my life."It is a must arising from inner reproach. And therefore, negative motivation, which is initially intertwined in the process of any search. Do you understand what I'm talking about? If we start doing something with the motivation "I must", the process of love turns into a forced one. So we initially make ourselves heavy, making it impossible to try.

How to find yourself and change your life for the better

These and other brakes make us sit on the sidelines of life.

We are truly happy only in dreams. Here we are happy to run to work, accept the praise of colleagues admired by our professionalism, enjoy the freedom to do what we want

In them we rejoice in our freedom to decide what to do, spend decent sums on desired things, travel ... And deep down we feel bitterness from the realization that there is a special caste of people who made our dreams a reality.

But instead of taking the first step, we, groaning, get up early in the morning, drink instant coffee in an untidy kitchen and run to the hated work. In the evening, immobilized by coercion, we return home to swallow ready-made dishes from cooking and stick on the series.So time after time, we inject a new nail into the coffin, which already stands in our hallway. The coffin says "Boring life".