How to flash Motorola?

January 25, 2015
How to flash Motorola?

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How to flash Motorola?

Every modern smartphone needs periodic software updates. Consider how to flash Motorola, without contacting a specialized service center. For flashing, you need RSD Lite, P2KTools, and a USB cable.

Before proceeding, you must fully charge the device battery and install the driver kit for the corresponding model on the PC. After completing these steps, remove the memory card and connect the phone using a USB cable. Firmware files must be downloaded in advance.

Run firmware

Let us consider in detail each of the stages of the firmware:

  • First you need to run the P2KTools program downloaded from the site. It will help to save all the important information stored in the device's memory: contacts, messages, applications and graphics.
  • After saving the data, you must close all programs that work with the phone, and run the RSD Lite application, taken.
  • You need to click on the phone icon located in the main window. Pressing the download button will allow you to specify the path to the firmware files.
  • To start installing new software, use the Start button. A few lines will appear on the smartphone screen, indicating the beginning of the process.
  • Flashing lasts up to 10 minutes. After the download is complete, the program will give an alert, and the device will automatically restart.

Turning on, the smartphone will operate on new software, delighting the user with new functions. Now you know how to flash Motorola with simple and affordable software.