How to fold the shirt?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
August 15, 2012
How to fold the shirt?

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How to fold the shirt?

A shirt is an indispensable element of both male and female wardrobe. Her style requires carefulness - the shirt should not be wrinkled. For this, it is important not only to iron it in time, but also to fold it correctly, without increasing your work. Do you know how to fold the shirt as necessary? In this there are no difficulties at all, which means that anyone can easily cope with this.

We fold the shirt correctly: step by step instructions

  1. Put your shirt on a flat, soft surface - for example, on a made bed. Button the top and bottom buttons, as well as a couple in the middle.
  2. Turn the shirt down with buttons and smooth out the folds with your hands. Now you need something flat, say a magazine. Put it exactly in the middle of the shirt, so that the edge rests on the collar.
  3. Fold one half of the shirt, thus closing part of the magazine. In this case, the sleeve will be on the other side, but it must be folded back.
  4. Gently fold the sleeve according to the type of accordion - alternately bend the loose part to the center and away from it. It should fit exactly on one half of the magazine.
  5. Then do the same with the second sleeve. Bend the “tail” over the sleeves, which remains in such a way that the bottom edge of the shirt is near the bottom edge of the collar.
  6. The final touch in the question of how to fold the shirt correctly will be the following - turn it upside down with buttons and take out the magazine.
  7. Your shirt is folded. That's all the wisdom!

If the written instructions are a little misunderstood - it does not matter. On the Internet there are a lot of video manuals on this issue. Therefore, if you are interested in how to fold your shirt - a video will help you. Such videos are available, and most importantly, they simply and intelligibly explain what and what to do.

That's all - now you can fold your shirts so that in a suitcase or in a closet they will not take up much space, and will also look very solid and will not require much effort when ironing.