How to fuck a girl?

Sexual desire is considered a manifestation of one of the most important instincts of man, which is why most guys have sex in the first place. It is necessary to figure out how to fuck a girl in order to have fun and give her a pleasant feeling.

How to seduce a girl

This section describes how to behave with a girl if you have not had sex with her, but you really want him to happen as quickly as possible, and everything went as smoothly as possible. There are several ways to incline a girl to sex:

  • You can use the most common method of seduction: use alcohol. Usually it allows you to very quickly liberate the young lady, in addition, alcohol increases sexual desire, removes restrictions, increases sensuality. In this case, you need to be careful that alcohol does not lead to unexpected consequences, no wonder there are so many anecdotes on this topic.
  • Another way to incline a lady to spend the night with you is to create the impression that this desire comes from her, and you just go on about.How to do it? Ask her questions of an intimate nature, but only gradually! For example, specify what she likes especially when kissing. Even if you have not kissed, you can be sure that it will happen very soon. Gradually delve into the topic, let her talk to you about sex. So you will achieve several goals at once: the girl will be excited by her own fantasies told to you, and you will also know what to do at X.
  • Try to talk openly with a girl, saying how important sex is for people, what they need to do, and this allows you to feel the usefulness of existence, etc. This method works well for young girls.
  • There is another version of seduction, which you would not call anything other than meanness. It includes deceitful confessions of love and the creation of misleading ideas about the opposite sex. More than one-time sex in this case is not achieved, and you can also make a serious enemy in the girl’s face. In this way it is better not to use, because there are plenty of other opportunities to get short-term relationships. Read about the removal of girls in the article How to remove a girl.

Choosing a good place

Often, the right moment for sex has to be created. For this you need a little imagination and knowledge of the main stereotypes of girls.

Most young ladies, in general, are not at all against sex, and do not believe that this is the reason to immediately go to the registry office. They just want sex for the first time with a new guy to be held in a pleasant atmosphere, remembered by romantic emotions, in a word, that it should not be a shame in the morning.

Many girls consider, for example, sex in nature very romantic and at the same time extraordinary. Remember the cocktail "Sex on the beach"? Trade names just do not come up with. If the time of year allows, it is not necessary to go to the sea with the object of passion, you can go to the picturesque meadow in the forest, and to the deserted bank of a nearby stream - all hope for your imagination.

The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that on the ground, grass, or sand there can be discomfort both in your partner and in your partner. The problem will solve a thick jacket or shirt, so you can not take a blanket. In all other respects, a secluded place is very conducive to sex, so turn on the charm and go ahead, it will come out quite budget, if not at all for free, and you will surely remember both of you.

However, it is not necessary to be limited to this option, you can choose other places: take the girl to your home, rent a hotel room, there are young ladies who will not mind having sex in the toilet of a cafe (extreme, you know). The main rule: usually do not give those girls who feel that you just want to fuck her, not at all interested in her own. Therefore, the main task is to save her from such an impression.

Behavior strategy at a crucial moment

When the young lady is prepared, the place is chosen, it remains to act competently. Some little things can ruin so carefully prepared sex. To begin with, turn off the phone - there’s hardly anything more important for you than what is happening now, and quietly throw the girl’s bag away so that she doesn’t hear her mobile phone.

The next step is to properly undress the girl. Read more about this in the article: How to undress a girl. Think over strategy: whether you will be gentle and romantic or passionate and assertive. It all depends on your mood and behavior of your partner. You can try both options during foreplay if you feel that one of them is not working.