How to gain weight and muscle mass?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 13, 2011
How to gain weight and muscle mass?

Many talk about the problem of overweight. However, there are those who complain that its weight is insufficient, despite the normal diet and successful life. The purpose of this article, we set the conversation about the second category of people. So, how to gain weight and muscle mass correctly, that is, without harm to the body.

Gain weight and muscle correctly

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the lack of weight can be associated with any disease. And independent weight gain measures can aggravate this disease. Therefore, before taking active steps, consult a specialist. He not only diagnoses your condition and identifies the causes of insufficient weight, but also tells you how to gain it correctly.

If the doctor gave "good", then you can begin to gain weight and muscle mass. If you really need it ... It may seem to you that the weight is insufficient, when in fact everything is in order and you do not need weight gain.There is a way to find out the rate of your weight with your height. There are tables of weight and height, which indicate the norm of weight for each height. From this link, you can find a similar label:.

Suppose you find that your weight does not match your height. The first thought in my head is "you need to eat more." Here the main thing is not to confuse. It's not about the quantity of food, but about food and their way of consumption.

Doctor's recommendations

The most normal number of meals is 4 or 5 times a day. The main recommendations of dietitians on how to gain weight and muscle mass:

  • the first breakfast is a dense and very high-calorie food intake, as the body needs to recover the lost energy overnight.
  • the second breakfast is a reinforcement before the working day.
  • lunch should be timely and fairly dense, but not denser than breakfast; must be hot dishes and soups.
  • dinner is the easiest meal; much easier breakfast and lunch.

Doctors say that you should consume between 3,000 and 3,700 calories per day. It is necessary to go in for sports or somehow load yourself physically. Performing basic exercises with a good trainer in the gym will help you gain the desired muscle mass.Also, experts advise not to use artificial muscle growth hormones. Such as retobolil, for example. These products are anabolic and are designed for quick and unnatural muscle gain.

Remember that underweight is not only your peculiarity, but it can also be a disease. Therefore, the first thing to see a doctor for advice. No one needs heart and kidney problems as a result of unnecessary weight gain.