How to get financial assistance?

Material assistance is provided to a person in need of additional state assistance. Basically, students, disabled people, participants of the Second World, single mothers apply for financial support. By collecting the necessary documents, contacting the appropriate authorities, you can learn how to get financial assistance, which is paid every year. A one-time payment is also possible depending on the application.

Documents for financial assistance

How to get financial assistance? First, collect the necessary documents:

  • Certificate of family composition. It is provided in the housing and utilities office, which relates to your area.
  • Passport, a copy of its relevant pages (first, second, registration).
  • A document confirming your financial condition. These can be any documents related to these circumstances. For example, a certificate of divorce, non-payment of alimony, a certificate of a disabled person, a certificate from a polyclinic, a documented medical examination,a list of drugs you need, their prices, a list of procedures, their cost, a certificate stating that you were a participant or an eyewitness to the war, etc.
  • Extract or certificate of wages of each member of your family.
  • Savings book, its photocopy. You can arrange a card for financial assistance in the bank. You must specify the details of the card number or savings book, which will receive financial assistance.

You must contact the office that has the authority of these payments - the department of social assistance, the social organization of protection of the population. This applies to one-time assistance from the state.

Financial assistance from the employer

If your financial situation is difficult, you are wondering how you can get financial assistance, you must contact your employer if you are formalized in the workplace. You can go to the main office or accounting department of the company. This will require a package of documents confirming the deplorable situation. For example, an extract and confirmation from the hospital, police, fire service. The certificate that the child is disabled, sick or abandoned by the father.Depending on the situation, this package is formed. All documents are submitted to the director of the company and are considered by him.

Financial assistance to the student

Such assistance is paid every month in the form of social scholarships. Before you charge material assistance, you must collect documents that confirm the need for assistance. This is a certificate of family composition, a certificate of family income, certificates from family work places, you can also bring medical certificates and conclusions, checks confirming the cost of medicines, prescriptions from a doctor. These documents must be submitted to the dean's office; you must also write a statement addressed to the rector of the institute or college. After submitting the application and documents, your request will be considered and will soon report the result. Reasons for writing a statement:

  • You are raised in an incomplete family (brought up by your mother / father) or you are an orphan.
  • Your household income is below the subsistence minimum.
  • Parents or one of them are retired.
  • You are from a large family.
  • You are a non-resident living in a dorm.
  • You have children (young family). Also, financial assistance may be allocated in connection with pregnancy, one-time at birth of the child. You can get financial help if you are a single mother / father.
  • In connection with disability, illness.
  • In connection with the theft, fire, circumstances that led to the loss of property or damage to it.