How to get OK for free?

Odnoklassniki, like many other social networks, has its own electronic currency. In this case, it is called OK. So-called OKI can be purchased by anyone for real money and then use them, for example, to get special types of emoticons.

However, for those who do not want to spend money on getting OKs, there are also options. Consider them in more detail.

How to get free OK: ways

There are several options for getting OKs for free: administering publics (communities), moderating pages, participating in contests. All these methods are legal and exclude fraud. About fraud with OKami we will tell below.


Under the administration of the community refers to the work of receiving people in a group, monitoring the work of moderators, "cleaning" the community page, "cleaning" those, if necessary. Payment for work depends on the specific community and often comes down to contractual. By the way, this way you can earn real money.


Moderation refers to the work of editing and / or deleting messages that are negative. Also, the moderator's duties include moderating photos, deleting unwanted group members. For this work also made a contractual payment.

To become a moderator or a community administrator, you usually need to pass a test. Jobs are reported directly in the group.

Performing tasks in a group

Since communities regularly do certain jobs, they often need help. For example, the design of a photograph, the imposition of announcements, the compilation of slogans, poems, and so on - everything depends on the subject matter of the community.

For the task, the participant also receives OKI. In addition, it is possible to get other bonuses, for example, a T-shirt with the logo of the group, a mug and other nice things. Sometimes communities play various devices, concert tickets, etc.

Participation in competitions

With contests, everything is quite simple. As a rule, the administrator writes the conditions of the competition and assigns a prize for winning it. The prize may be articles and cherished OKI.

Gifts from participants

Sometimes OKi can be received as a gift from community members.This usually happens when posts with messages, photos or videos of one participant are gaining many likes from other participants. In other words, people like the activities of such a participant and they are ready to give him such gifts.

However, do not flatter yourself if any of the participants suddenly decided to give you a "gift", while asking you about some kind of service. Often there are attackers who want to harm the community or your computer. The request may include viewing the archive with allegedly non-opening photos or other files. Such people can sit in the community for a long time and even be active in disguise as a decent participant.

Cheat OK with programs

This method is potentially dangerous for users of communities. The matter is that free OKI, as a rule, are no more than a deceit. There are many programs on third-party sites that supposedly allow you to earn OKI for free - in other words, to cheat. There are many videos that describe the principle of action and prove that such programs really work.However, do not deceive yourself - this is just a ploy to give fraudsters the opportunity to get valuable data, including passwords. Often, such programs are asked to send an SMS to a number, after which the money is debited from the user's account.

Exchange for OKI

Each user can exchange their photos, pictures on OKI. Many even put them up as lots at auctions. Surely you also have any unique albums, photos in which many members of the community may be interested. Remember that only you control the exchange procedure.

Buying cheap OKs

This method is also a fraud, so it is better not to pay attention to the messages that offer to buy OK for a penny. Usually they have time to remove.