How to get rid of envy?

What is envy? Why get rid of it? How to get rid of envy? Maybe this is your question too? Envy is a very strong feeling. It makes a person angry, worried, sad. Envy can occur when a friend does something better than ours or praises him more often. But the main danger is that an envious person wants evil to another person and at the same time does not hide his feelings. He can openly harm. Understanding what envy can lead to, you need to get rid of it.

How to get rid of envy: methods

There are as many as envy. They are closely interrelated. For example, if the goal is to do everything so that the opponent does not win, then the method of getting rid of this envy will be based on the ability to enjoy the achievements of another.

If a friend has a car, do not scratch it or dirty it inside the cabin. Try to make money on your own. Does not work? Then think about how long it takes a friend to have a car now. And you rejoice that you have a lot of free time and you can do your favorite thing without distractions. In the end, a friend has never refused to give you a lift.Take advantage of this, be grateful.

How to get rid of envy? Whatever your envy is, try switching to something else. What I dreamed of recently: have a good rest, make photo masterpieces, buy new trousers, learn to ride roller skates, pull up a figure. Then go for it! All in your hands. Everything that has attracted for many years is now achievable. This is not a moment of joy.

Well, what betrays more vigor? Walks in the open air! At this time, you do not think about the friend’s property, his financial condition, his reputation, or his position in society. Where did his superiority take you? Well, isn't that a wonderful way to get rid of envy?

What to do with the envy itself?

Often an envious person does not suspect that the main culprit for his problems is his own mindset. One of the characteristic features of envy is the lack of self-awareness. Such a person in explaining his behavior will always justify himself and argue that the object of his envy deserves such an attitude.

Moreover, he can prove that in this way helps a person. But do not be cunning. Weren't you asked for help? You should not strengthen their undermined self-esteem by diminishing the achievements of the opponent.

How to get rid of feelings of envy? Think as much as you can about your own merits, successes, victories. Can't remember? Ask people close to you, friends. They will definitely mark something positive. Afraid to forget? Keep a notebook, write down everything that has brought you satisfaction, all your deeds that have benefited others. And in moments of despair and a fit of envy, open records and drive off evil thoughts.

Fight with the feeling of envy will help more understanding that jealous of someone, you become unable to sympathize. Imagine a friend in need. Instead of helping and sympathizing with him, because of feelings of envy, you pour out criticism on him and ruin benevolent relations, undermining unity and peace. Who is good in this situation? Neither side is happy. And that means always think about the consequences! Repress the feeling of envy from your heart and fill it with mercy.