How to get rid of snoring woman?

Many people snore in their sleep. And when this happens with a man, it is perceived as a completely ordinary phenomenon. But if a woman snores, then it is, at least, unaesthetic. And although snoring among women is a very common phenomenon, many snoring ladies complex about this.

Meanwhile, snoring in a dream is not just an acoustic phenomenon, but also an ENT disease called ronchopathy. Let's figure out how to get rid of snoring woman, as well as try to understand what could be the cause of this phenomenon.

Causes of snoring among women

If you just sometimes snore a little while in a dream, then there is no cause for concern - this is the result of relaxation and vibration of the tongue and palatine muscles of a sleeping person. Not considered a pathology and snoring that occurs in a state of intoxication or severe fatigue. If snoring becomes pathological (loud, long, with breath holding), then you need to find out its cause and begin treatment.

The cause of pathological snoring in women can be:

  • poor upper airway patency: polyps, adenoids, curved nasal septum;
  • flaccidity of nasopharyngeal muscles;
  • cancer and inflammation of the nasopharynx, trachea and bronchus;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • excess weight;
  • smoking.

Snoring treatment

If you are overweight and / or smoke, then first you need to eliminate these possible causes of snoring. It is also necessary to consult a otorhinolaryngologist for consultation in order to exclude pathologies or diseases of the upper respiratory tract. If diseases are detected, they should be treated, not snoring! To eliminate snoring as an ENT disease, the doctor may prescribe medication, surgery or physiotherapy.

  • Drug treatment. Taking medications that eliminate dry nasopharynx and tone up her muscles. These are special sprays, drops and gargles.
  • Physiotherapy treatment. The use of a special apparatus with the effect of forced ventilation.
  • Surgery. Operations on the soft palate, eliminating its pathology.

Getting rid of snoring at home

How to cure snoring in women without medical care? You can try to get rid of snoring and at home.Try to perform special non-burdensome exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the soft palate.

  • About half an hour a day to engage in artistic whistling: intermittently inhale and exhale the air, whistling some simple melody. This exercise is best done during a walk.
  • Sing. Loud and at any convenient opportunity. Singing also trains the muscles of the nasopharynx and eliminates their flabbiness.
  • Repeat the sound "iii" with effort and tension. Daily for 40 repetitions.

If you do these exercises at least for a month, you can get rid of snoring.

In the fight against snoring helps and sleep by the rules.

  • With a light snore, try to avoid in a dream posture "on the back." In such a position of the body, the tongue sinks, causing snoring.
  • Arrange on your bed to sleep high headboard. This will help reduce swelling of the nasopharynx and reduce snoring. This measure is especially effective for snoring caused by inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx for colds and other diseases.
  • Pick the right pillow. It should not be too soft and flat. The main purpose of the correct pillow is to raise the head while sleeping.And even better - get a special orthopedic pillow.
  • Before bed, be sure to ventilate the room. Ideally, provide fresh air throughout the night.
  • Take a cold shower before bedtime.
  • Give up a hearty dinner and do not eat later than three hours before bedtime.

The latter rules are more likely to be preventive measures. But they also help in the fight against snoring.

Now you know how to treat snoring in women.