How to get Skyrim?

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How to get Skyrim?

We start talking about the rather popular role-playing game Skyrim, the fifth part of the series The Elder Scrolls, and in our opinion - Ancient Scrolls 5: Skyrim. How to complete the quest, what adventures await you, what characters and places you will meet. About this and let's talk, plunge into the mysterious Skyrim.

How to get Skyrim: missions

To make it easier for you to understand how to complete the mission in Skyrim, we will construct our narrative as a phased consideration of the episodes of the game. This is especially important if you are new to this role player.

Episode "Freedom"

We called our first episode rather optimistic, although it would seem that the beginning promises to be different. Well, first of all, we are criminals. Secondly, we go to some seedy wagon surrounded by the same criminals and guards, and we hear about quite unkind events in Skyrim. Thirdly, as it turned out, we are also suicide bombers, and in the Helgen fortress, where our convoy is aiming, the uncle the executioner is waiting for us.

All criminals are beginning to check by name. That has come to you, which means that the moment has come to create your hero.Here, only your imagination and taste, and we will continue the conversation on how to play Skyrim.

They tried, created a hero, and he goes and bows his head before the executioner ... But, as in a good fairy tale, oh, a miracle! A fire-breathing dragon sits on the tower. Around panic, turmoil, screams, everyone runs around, and we get the opportunity to join the game.

In the company of Ralofa and Ulfric you need to hide in the tower. On the way there will be a hole, broken by a dragon, this is where you need to jump. Well, on the street we are already waiting for the Imperial Hedwar, who will accompany us to the main fortress tower. Here you will have a choice for whom you will fight on: decide to go against the rebels - make up the company Hedwara; decided to destroy the Imperials - go with Ralof.

In the building, your partner will cut the bonds. We take armor, weapons and keys from one of the corpses (for release from the shackles).

Long corridors are your way. Spiders and other enemies - those who are worth fighting. At the end, you are assigned to head to Riverwood, where you will need to find Sister Ralof (if he is your companion) or Uncle Hedwara (likewise).

Episode: "Before the Storm"

In Rivervude we find a woman who will provide you with the keys to the house.There you can spend the night. In gratitude, go to Vaytarnu and talk about the invasion of the dragon, so that he could prepare for the protection of Rivervuda. Here you also get an assignment to help Faringar.

Episode: "Windy Peak"

We continue to figure out how to get Skyrim.

For a more detailed study of reptiles, Pharyngar needs a dragon stone, and that is what you will have to find.

Go shopping. We are interested in the one with the name "Riverwood merchant". Here you can also get a new task. You will hear the conversation of one pair about stealing a golden claw from them. If you agree to help in his search, the wife of Valery Lukan (a man in a pair) will take you to the bridge, telling about what happened.

The search for the golden crown will take place at the Wind Peak. By the way, cook onions, you will meet a couple of bandito, which you need to deal with. We go along the corridors and see the treasure hunter, who, unfortunately or fortunately, are hit by the arrows of the trap. In order not to die, you must pass the trap by solving a puzzle. Before you will be three stones with different images. Make a combination of them: Snake_Snake_Fish. Pulls the lever and get into the room with a spider.To facilitate the fight against him, stand a little in the aisle, from where you entered and shoot him from a bow or with the help of magic.

The spider is killed, and in front of you is a thief claw. Release it, but do not relax. The thief will run. And you for him. We catch up and pick up the claw.

Next, you will find a rather difficult struggle with many Dragurov, you will need all your abilities and traps.

In the Nordling room you will again meet with a puzzle. We study the golden claw and build a combination, from top to bottom: bear-mittylek_sova. And again fight with Dragoors. Next, explore the language of dragons on the wall. Here we have to meet with an unknown enemy, which one depends on your level. We grab the dragon plate and go back to Valeriy Lukan and get 400 gold for our work.

Episode: "The Way to Voice"

Heading to the city of Aivarsted, where the procession to the Great Hotgar monastery will begin. Let it be quite tedious. In the temple we meet Arnheir and demonstrate to him (at his request) "Ruthless force". Further, a certain Einart will teach you a new word of power.

Another character, Borri, teaches you to scream "Rapid Rush." We fix it in practice.

And here we get the task again - mining the horns of Jürgen.

Episode: "Rod Jurgen"

This horn lies in Ustengreve, in the hyalmark swamp in a certain tomb. In the same tomb we fight drags and skeletons (not so difficult). We reach the bottom, stumble on a passage with three bars, near which we see 3 magical stones. When we approach the stone, the lattice will open, as soon as we move away - it will close. This is where we remember our "Rapid jerk", well, we use it.

Further, the falling plates with fire, spiders and cobwebs, through which we pass in search of a door, behind which ... there is no horn. But find a note. She will direct you to Riverwood, where you need to rent a room in the attic.

In the city we ask the Dolphins for the desired room, which she does not have, but there is another one. Come there with Delphine, where she admits that the note was left by her. Then she will lead you to the wardrobe, or rather to the room hidden in it. There Delfina will tell why you surrendered to her. Listen carefully.

Dolphin will give you the horn of Jurgen, which we return to the Gray-bearded. Well, you will be rewarded with the third word of the cry "Ruthless Force."

Episode: "Blade in the Dark"

With or without a dolphin, you need to go to the Keene grove. Here we meet Alduin, he revives the dragon named Saloknir.With the dragon, and then to fight. We kill, swallow his strength, enjoy the trust of the Dolphins (if you are with her).

Episode: "Diplomatic Immunity"

We continue to learn how to get the game Skyrim. Long? But how exciting.

We are looking for information that compromises Talmor, the alleged perpetrator of the invasion of dragons. Delphine will give us the keys to her secret hideout at Riverwood.

Further, in Solitude, in the tavern "Laughing Rat" we meet with Malborn (familiar Dolphins). He will give us an invitation to a reception at the embassy. And then we go to the stable, where Delphine will give us suitable clothes for reception.

At the party we take brandy from the maid and head towards Raselan, which is what is called “already ready”, but for a drink I agree to make a stir. While everyone is distracted by the fairly drunk Razelan, you, along with Malborne, are heading into the kitchen. All guards are killed or passed with the help of stealth skills.

We leave to the house, where we are looking for documents. By the way, you need a room on the 2nd floor.

In the basement, kill the enemy and free Etienne Rornis. He will share with us the available information.

A guard appears, interrupt it, pick up the keys, unlock the hatch and dive into it.

By the way, Talmor has nothing to do with dragon awakening. He himself is looking for the culprits. We learn the clue: Esbern - a member of the Order of Blades, hiding in the city of Riften. So how do you accomplish this mission in Skyrim? Of course, find Esburn.

Episode: "The Driven Rat"

To help you, you need Brynjolf, which can be found in the Buoy jar or on the market square.

Vekel the Warrior will tell about the old man, similar to Esburn, who lives in the "Anthill". There we will find it. Do not forget that you have to fight with competitors. Assure Esburn that you are not a Talmor envoy, just say the phrase Dolphins: "Remember the thirties, the beginning of frost." Esbern will let you in.

Episode: "Wall of Alduin"

After the battle with the people of Talmor, we go with Esburn to the Sleeping Giant. We go to the rooms of the Dolphins, where we listen to the tale of the old man about the wall of Alduin.

Through the Kartspire camp, boiling with enemies, we head to the Temple of Heavenly Harbor. In the temple, we expose to ourselves the signs of Dovakin in order to lower the bridge. With the help of the sign of the Dragonborn, we go through the plates.

Meet the seal. We'll have to leave her blood on her.We fall into the Heavenly Harbor, where we reach the wall of Alduin.

Episode: "Throat of the World"

We go to the High Hortgar, looking for Arnheir, talking with him.

Another character on the way to the passage of the game Skyrim - Parturnaks, possessing a cry of "dragon". It is located on the highest point of Skyrim - Throat of the World.

At this stage, we get the cry "Fiery breath."

Episode: "Ancient Knowledge"

We need Esbern (he is in the Temple of Heavenly Harbor).

You must also go to the College of Winterhold. We speak with Ugar Goa Shabom (keeper of the scrolls). We get the book, whose author - Septimus Signus - lives in the far north.

We talked quite a lot about how to get the game Skyrim. For intrigue, we will skip some episodes, you have to go through them yourself. By the way, if the previous descriptions were not entirely clear, there are other ways to learn how to get Skyrim: the video will help you. Find it on the Internet. In the meantime, we will list the episodes that await you.

  • "Beyond the ordinary",
  • "Curse of Alduin",
  • "Fallen",
  • "Endless time",
  • "House of the World Eater". Here we will stop a little, we will give a couple of tips. Here you will be in the temple, where you will once again encounter the door-riddles.To open the right door otgadka: bird_ptitsa_ptitsa. For the left: bird_smith_bird. Then enemies and spiders. And we turn the stones: fish_snake_bird - after the bridge descends. And the door, with otgadkoy: fox_money_dragon.
  • "Sovngarde",
  • "The Dragon Wrestler" - here it is, the final episode of the exciting game Skyrim. You are at the goal! We are sure you can easily cope with the passage of the missions of this game.