How to get to Anapa by train?

December 25, 2014
How to get to Anapa by train?

Anapa is the southern city of Russia, a popular resort among Russian tourists (along with Tuapse, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Lazarevsky and Adler). Anapa is better known as a children's resort, because there are sandy beaches, convenient access to the sea, shallow water. A lot of children's summer camps are concentrated in this resort town.

If you also think about the rest in this southern city, you should figure out how to get to Anapa by train, because this type of transport is one of the best for this trip.

To Anapa from Moscow

From Moscow to Anapa follows the corporate train number 012M. Composition is exactly one day. A second-class carriage ticket will cost you approximately 3,600 rubles (one way per person). You can use another train - № 012М. Tickets for it will be cheaper (a little less than 3 thousand), but on the way you will have to spend much more time (almost 37 hours). Compartment cars are twice as expensive. The first train is the morning train (it runs daily), the second is an evening train (runs every other day).Detailed schedule and prices check on the official site.

In summer, starting from the end of May, when the excitement on tickets increases in connection with the holiday season, additional trains are usually introduced.

To save money, you can purchase tickets in advance.

From Saint-Petersburg

From the northern capital to Anapa there is a train No. 035А (St. Petersburg - Adler). Travel time is 39 hours. A ticket for a second-class carriage will cost about 3.5 thousand rubles, and a coupe ticket will cost twice as much. It is worth noting that the train from St. Petersburg to Anapa does not go every day. You can view the schedule on the Russian Railways website, since it varies depending on the season.

A direct option in any case will be the most optimal both in financial costs and in convenience.

How can I find information on the Russian Railways website?

The official website of Russian Railways is very easy to use - on the left you will see a window in which you need to enter the departure station, below - the arrival station, select the date you are interested in and click "Find".