How to get to Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is located in Thailand in Southeast Asia. It is in this city that planes fly most often with tourists and right from there they get to Thailand. The city is famous for a variety of attractions, resorts and various entertainment venues.

Today, Bangkok can be reached from Moscow by various means of transport. In Thailand itself there are many ways to get to Bangkok. Let us consider in more detail all possible routes and modes of transport below.

How to get to Bangkok from Russia

From Russia you can reach Bangkok in several ways.

  • From any city in Russia where there is an airport with regular flights, you can take a plane and fly to Bangkok. Many airlines fly to the city regularly, and it’s easy to book a ticket. You can also get on the various promotions, through which the ticket will be very cheap. You can fly to Bangkok either on direct flights or with transfers. At the same time with transfers often ticket is cheaper.A good service for finding tickets is the site. Arriving at Bangkok airport, you will still need to get to the city by local transport - buses, taxis or trains;
  • By train. This method will take much more time than the flight and will cost more. Will have to go through China and neighboring Asian countries with Thailand. This method is rarely used due to the high cost and long travel time;
  • On water transport. You can sail to Bangkok by ship, but such cruises are very rare and you will have to make many transfers. This method will also be very expensive and time consuming, therefore it is practically not used;
  • To hitchhike. In Thailand, many travelers hitchhike, using the train and water transport from time to time. To reach in this way is possible only through China and neighboring countries with Thailand - Laos and Cambodia. This method will take a lot of time, as well as a visa to China, but the costs will be minimal.

If you are already in Thailand, you can get to Bangkok by local transport.

How to get to Bangkok in Thailand

If you are already in Thailand or neighboring countries, then you can reach Bangkok in several ways:

  • On tourist buses.In this case, you can choose different types of buses. Accordingly, prices will vary depending on the type of bus and travel company fares. Buses can bring you from Vietnam and Cambodia;
  • Intercity buses in Thailand. They are inferior in comfort, however, they are very cheap, often go between cities and move faster. This is a great way to get to Bangkok;
  • On the trains. From different regions of Thailand, regular trains run to Bangkok, thanks to which you can get to the city quickly and without problems. This is the best way to travel around the country. Trains may also vary in class, facilities and price;
  • By taxi. This method will be very fast, but very expensive.