How to get to the FSB?

FSB is the security authority of the Russian Federation and its citizens. Graduates of diverse universities and military personnel dream to get a job in it. However, it is important to understand that candidates for the FSB are selected with special care and according to a special scheme. Let us consider in detail how to get to the service in this body and what requirements the candidate must meet.

Physical training

To applicants for service in the FSB have a number of requirements for physical training. The candidate must be at least 175 cm tall and up to 28 years old. It will be necessary to pass the standards for physical training:

  • tightening on the crossbar;
  • cross for 3 km;
  • running on 100 meters in 12 seconds;
  • hand-to-hand fight

Education and health

The candidate must have a higher, secondary special or full education. But it is important to consider that if you pass the selection, then you will have to additionally unlearn at a school or academy of the FSB.

Special requirements are imposed on the health of the candidate. It will be necessary to undergo a serious medical commission, which will determine the degree of fitness of the applicant for service in the FSB. At the same time, if he has serious diseases, then the probability of being selected is low.

Professional fitness

When selecting candidates for service in the FSB, special attention is paid to professional fitness. For this purpose, special tests are used. They allow you to determine the level of intelligence and the speed of thinking of the candidate, his psychological compliance with the selected position, sociability, ability to solve difficult tasks for a limited time interval and with a minimum amount of resources.

Candidate check

Before entering the service of the FSB, you must pass the test. The bodies of the service carefully study the personal file of the applicant, as well as information about his family and relatives. It is important to note that this procedure begins only after the consent of the candidate. If he opposes or ignores the notification, he is automatically excluded from the applicants for service in the FSB.

Preparation of documents

To qualify for service in the FSB, you must provide the following package of documents to this body:

  1. A handwritten statement asking you to consider his candidacy for a job in the security agencies.It is sure to indicate that you know what restrictions are imposed on the FSB employees in accordance with the current legislation.
  2. Autobiography, which must be written independently in free form and by hand.
  3. Application form.
  4. Personal documents: military ID, passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a document on education, marriage or birth certificate (if any).
  5. Documents of close relatives: passports and certificates of registration of civil status acts.
  6. Information about property, income and other property obligations (mortgage, mortgage, and so on).
  7. Photos of the candidate of the established sample.
  8. Extract from the house book on the family.

The applicant’s application and package of documents are considered by the Federal Security Service of Russia for 15-30 days. If his candidacy is approved, an interview with his parents will be scheduled in the coming days. A written consent is taken from them confirming that they do not object to their child serving in the FSB.

Causes of failure

Now let us dwell on the reasons for which they can refuse a candidate in the service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation:

  • unsatisfactory results of the military-medical commission;
  • recognition of a candidate as incapable;
  • there is citizenship of another country;
  • the candidate or his relatives lived or live in another state;
  • frequent trips to other countries;
  • revealed inconsistencies in biographical and personal data;
  • poor physical fitness results;
  • The candidate did not score the required number of points for the tests.