How to give a ban?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
January 30, 2013
How to give a ban?

Ban is derived from the English "ban" - "prohibit". Most often with the help of a ban, user rights are limited for a certain time. Usually ban get spammers, trolls, vandals and other persons whose messages limit the productive activity of the resource (site, forum).

If you do not know how to ban a certain user, you should understand that this action is subject only to the owner of the resource. Usually the spammer is warned in advance about the possible imposition of a ban. You can identify a banned user by IP address or by his account.

One of the important disadvantages of a ban is its effect on only one user account. So, in the case of the imposition of a ban on an objectionable participant with free registration, you can expect his further active actions under another registration.

Principles of giving a ban

In games, ban is quite common as the main means of dealing with cheaters, but there are many ways to get around it. So, in the famous game Counter Strike, many users know how to ban on IP, and use this solution to fight fraudsters.Consider the basic techniques of banning unwanted players.

The easiest and most famous is a ban using the amxmodmenu command in the console, after which the command Ban should be specified in the menu that opens. But this method has a drawback: the cheater can change the IP address, after which the attack will begin again.

Another effective way of banning a CS using a subnet is to determine the IP address of the unwanted player, then enter the value amx_banip “time_bana” IP address in the console.

One of the effective options to ban a user in the game is to start the server, wait for the required player to appear, and then enter the command amx_bancs player_name into the console.

With the help of the amx_bancs plugin, the user will be banned via CS (this action does not even depend on dynamic IP). After that, the player will not be able to log into the server until he guesses to reinstall CS.

Different types of ban filing

Some useful tips from experts on how to ban Minecraft. To do this, you can use the commands:

  1. / ban nick
  2. / admin user login banned
  3. Use the tempban plugin, which allows you to ban a player for a certain time. It is required to set certain commands: / tempban “Player's nickname (must be online)” “ban period”.

Example: / tempban Player 3 weeks

/ tempbanexact “Player's nickname (must be offline)” “ban period” - will ban a player who is currently offline.

But no matter how pure the thoughts of the bathing person should be, it should be remembered that the most effective and honest way to ban is to contact the site administration with a request to ban an unwanted user and a detailed description of the situation.