How to go to Russia?

If a foreign citizen is going to come to live in Russia - temporarily or for permanent residence (permanent residence), it will be useful for him to know about the conditions of entry and residence in the Russian Federation. Below we describe the documents that may be useful to you and the conditions of entry for citizens of different states.

How to enter Russia

If you are a citizen of one of the CIS countries, then a visa is not required. Moreover, you do not even need a passport - it is enough to have a valid internal passport of your state. From the countries of the former Union, the visa regime with us now operates only with the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), with Georgia and Turkmenistan. With Belarus, we don’t have any customs or migration control at the border at all. Passports will be sufficient for citizens of those states with which we have agreements on visa-free entry into each other’s territory. This can be learned from the Internet or in the visa services of your states.

How to go to Russia - migration cards

A migration card is a document that must be filled out by any foreigner entering the territory of the Russian Federation. In this regard, we will give you one good advice: fill out this document in advance. It can be taken from the flight attendant on the plane, from the conductor on the train or from the bus driver or minibus. Passport and other required personal data must be entered into the migration card. If you travel with your minor children, they must also be entered in the document. You also need to enter in the migration card information about what kind of transport you enter (with the number of the train, flight, bus, etc.) and you will leave Russia and the address of your stay in our country. It is allowed to leave these columns empty if you still do not know where you will stay in our country and where you will go back. The data must be specified twice - for the border guards and for yourself, because at the border the border guard will give you your half, certified by the stamp of the customs control service. Treat your migration card with care, as this is the most important document for a foreigner during his stay in Russia.When leaving, you must give the card to border guards. Make sure that it is not expired, and do not lose it. If you enter Russia without a visa, you have the right to stay in our country for up to 90 calendar days.

How to go for permanent residence in Russia

Those wishing to travel to Russia for permanent residence should first of all come to the embassy or the nearest Russian consulate in their country and consult with the employees of the consular office on this matter. Further, we say that you have the right to obtain Russian citizenship under the following conditions:

  • If one of your parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation
  • If you are a former citizen of the USSR and currently have the citizenship of another state that was part of the USSR, you are either a stateless person or you were born in the territory of the RSFSR
  • If you are married to a citizen of the Russian Federation and have lived in the territory of the Russian Federation for more than three years

There are other conditions under which a foreigner or stateless person can become a citizen of the Russian Federation. Read more about this on the website.