How to grow and cook shiitake?

More than 40 thousand publications have been written about the amazing taste and healing properties of the unique Shiitake mushroom, in his homeland, in China and Japan, he is literally extolled to the skies, styling the “Emperor's Mushroom”.

The increased interest in this creation of nature is not accidental, because it is strikingly different from most existing plants and mushrooms: its healing properties can save a person from many serious ailments, and the specific taste and pleasant aroma recorded him in the ranks of delicacies.

Shiitake is a tree fungus, in its homeland it was grown on shea trunks, from which, in fact, they got their name. The first mentions of the medicinal properties of this mushroom date back to the year 199, and already in the 10th century they switched to its artificial cultivation, for this special technologies were used.

The color of shiitake can vary from dark brown to light brown, and in taste it is located approximately between mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.

In the old days, this mushroom could be found only in its homeland, today it is known how to grow it literally anywhere in the world, from which the popularity of shiitake only continues to grow.

Beneficial features

Even the ancient healers successfully put into practice the beneficial qualities of these unique mushrooms. As it turned out, they very well cope with the aging process - slowing them down and, as ancient Chinese emperors thought, even able to turn them around, it was not for nothing that they constantly spoiled themselves with tinctures on shiitake.

In addition, they help get rid of respiratory diseases, and also fully enriches the body with vitamin D, which is especially necessary for vegetarians. A few centuries ago, healers claimed that such fungi are capable of increasing the "vital energy" of a person, adding to his charge of vitality and relieving fatigue.

Experts say that the beneficial properties of shiitake are similar to those of ginseng, it is sometimes even called ginseng, and the main difference between these two plants is that mushrooms can be removed annually and in large quantities, while ginseng grows rather slowly.

To date, experts have proved that shiitake has a beneficial effect on blood composition, prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques, and reduces the likelihood of gluing together platelets, which leads to the formation of clots and, as a result, to heart attacks.

In addition, they contribute to the reduction of high blood pressure, and therefore extremely useful for people with heart disease and blood vessels. It is also believed that these fungi are effective in preventing the formation of malignant tumors, for which special tinctures on alcohol are prepared.

How to grow?

Such unique and extremely useful mushrooms can be grown in their own garden or at the dacha, with which many farmers and truck farmers successfully cope. This can be done in two ways - in bags using different substrates, for example, grains, straw and sawdust.

The substrate is pasteurized several times to rid it of foreign impurities, after which the mycelium of the shiitake is planted in it. With the help of one such block it is possible to remove from 2 to 5 good harvests, the main thing is to observe all necessary conditions during the fruiting period.

Another option is the cultivation of shiitake at a forest logging site or a ready substrate block. Usually for growing such mushrooms use logs about a meter in height, not less than 7-10 cm in diameter. It is better to cut down trees for these purposes in winter, when no tree sap circulates along the trunk.

It is very important not to damage the bark of the tree, because under it will lay out mycelium. It is necessary to sow it in early spring: for this, small holes are drilled in the log at the distance of the palm.

Next, ready-made logs are set somewhere in the garden, in a dark and quite damp place. Usually, already after 1.5-2 years, such a log turns into a fructifying unit that will be able to please you with a crop for 5-7 years!

In cooking

Today, several cultures of these mushrooms are grown: there are bitter tastes and inconspicuous ones, they are used in medicine and cosmetology. But fragrant with an attractive appearance of mushrooms - this is another culture of shiitake, intended for human consumption and grown according to a simplified technology.

It is worth noting that this kind of loses some of its useful properties, but if you give them a long thermal treatment, then their level drops a few times!

However, observing all the rules of their preparation, you can achieve unique tastes, as well as save almost all the benefits. Experts say that Shiitake is perfectly combined with many famous products, although, of course, it is most useful to use them in raw form.

By the way, it is worth noting that they have some contraindications: for example, the exception is made by pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as people with a separate intolerance of some components. Everyone else should definitely try this unique mushroom!

For example, in China there is a popular dish "Buddha's Delight", the recipe of which is based, of course, on mushrooms, as well as a whole list of exotic products - lily buds, bamboo shoots and many others.

If you decide to try shiitake in your native land, do not worry, they are perfectly combined with our cuisine: mushrooms are fried with onions in sour cream sauce, with the addition of crushed garlic and dill seeds. In addition, they are perfectly combined with fresh herbs and rice, in harmony with meat broths and vegetable soups.

We must not forget that such mushrooms are prepared very quickly, otherwise they will completely lose their useful properties and acquire unpleasant bitterness.

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