How to grow bread?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to grow bread?

Fragrant and tasty bread is always present on the table. It is eaten with pleasure by adults and children. At the same time, not everyone thinks about how bread is grown.

This process takes place in several stages and takes a significant amount of time.

Cultivation and preparation of cereals

Wheat is grown first. To get a good harvest, they sow it before winter. The field under its cultivation is carefully prepared: cleaned of weeds, fertilized and plowed. Sowing of seeds is performed using special equipment. After germination, wheat is treated for pests and re-fertilized. Harvest after the grains are fully ripe and their humidity will be about 17%. After that, the wheat enters the mill, where flour is made from it.

Yeast and Leaven

To get tasty and flavorful rye bread, you must use the starter. Yeast and lactic acid bacteria are used for its preparation. If you plan to bake white bread, then, as a rule, only live yeast is used for it - sponge is prepared from them.

Kneading dough

On the basis of the yeast or sponge knead dough. It adds flour, sugar, salt and sunflower oil, as well as cereals and bran, if they are provided for by the recipe. The dough kneading occurs in a large tank - the kneader. After that, the dough passes on a special conveyor and falls into the cups, where it comes within a few hours. As a rule, during this time the dough has time to come up twice.

Baking bread

The finished dough on the conveyor is cut into portions. They are molded and immediately sent to the oven. The dough is baked for about 35-45 minutes at a temperature of 98 degrees. The output is fragrant and tasty bread. Take out the bread from the oven manually or with the help of vacuum suction cups. Bread is left to cool for a while, and then laid out on pallets and sent for packaging or for sale.

Ready-made bread can be stored for three days, only some varieties do not lose their freshness and taste for 10 days.