How to grow goji?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
December 19, 2014
How to grow goji?

Recently, the cultivation of exotic plants has become popular. Today we will talk about how to grow goji at home. More information about this shrub can be found in the article What is goji.

This plant is quite unpretentious and can grow well in urban environments.

The soil

Goji will grow well in rocky, slightly acidic and strongly alkaline soil. But in the absence of such, any other will approach, even the usual chernozem. Before planting, you need to make special fertilizers: 100-200 g of superphosphate, about 10 liters of humus and 30-40 g of wood ash. All components are thoroughly mixed, poured into a hole 50 to 50 cm and disembark the cutting.

In the first year, the plant is especially vulnerable, so you need to periodically fertilize the soil and cover it with film in case of severe frosts.


This plant does not like stagnant water. Goji will endure drought, but may not cope with waterlogging. If the street rains often, then additional watering is not required.

Lighting and temperature

When planting goji, give preference to bright sunny places (light shading is permissible). The plant is frost-resistant, without shelter in the winter can transfer the temperature drop to -30. With this cold, it is better to sprinkle the roots with dry leaves or sawdust. Best of all, goji planted in the spring, so the plant will be able to get stronger in the cold weather and endure the winter.

In order for the plant to bear fruit, at least two such shrubs should grow on the site. But even with this condition, the berries will appear at least for the third or fourth year.

It is believed that goji fruit - one of the most useful in the world.