How to grow chic lavender at home?

Lavender is a beautiful flower that many grow in country houses. Is it possible to grow it at home? Of course, you can, if you know how!

Seed use

If you decide to choose not the easiest way and grow lavender from seeds, then first buy them, and certainly in a specialty store. First, select the appropriate variety that is suitable for home cultivation. You can choose the lavender pedunculate, Dutch (hybrid) or dentate. Probably, useful advice to you will be given by the seller of a flower shop.

Before planting seeds must necessarily be stratified, that is, to create conditions for them that are as close to natural as possible. To do this, put them in a mixture of sand and sawdust and for a month, remove it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator (the temperature should be about 5 degrees Celsius).

At the bottom of the pot put a layer of drainage, the role of which can play shards, broken bricks, nutshell or expanded clay. But the hole in the tank must remain open.Next, fill in the soil and place seeds at a depth of about three centimeters.

Then cover the container with a film and place it in a well-lit room, the temperature in which will be 15-21 degrees (not lower and not higher). About a month later, the first shoots should appear. Then remove the film and plant the seedlings in separate pots. If the sprouts did not appear, then you can again send the container to the refrigerator for three weeks.

Tip: Start growing in a pot of seeds is best in late autumn.


How can you grow lavender at home in other ways? If someone of your friends is ready to give you a cutting, then the woody one-year old sprout should be divided into individual cuttings about 10 centimeters long. They should be placed in moist soil and covered with a can or film. When rooting occurs, the sprout can be transplanted.

Tip: use several cuttings at once, so that at least one of them is rooted (there is no one hundred percent guarantee of rooting).

Reproduction by layering

If someone has a lavender bush growing in the country, then in the spring gently bend two or three shoots, put them in the grooves in the soil about 3-4 centimeters deep, fix with wire and pour in the places of fixation. From above it is possible to put any cargo.

It usually takes several months for rooting, but it will be possible to separate the shoot from the main bush only next spring, then the root system will definitely be strong enough. But some wait only until autumn. Do not forget to water the layers, do it regularly!

Division bush

Cut the bush in the fall and fill the soil so that it must fall between the stems. In the spring, once again bite the bush. Over the summer, he will certainly give shoots, in the fall it can be successfully divided.

Peculiarities of care

Whatever method of cultivation you choose, the rules of care will be about the same:

  • Pick the right soil. You can buy the soil for garden or home flowers, but the usual land is definitely not suitable, as it has low friability and will not allow oxygen to pass through. You can also prepare a mixture of egg shells, sand and peat. A composition of three parts of leafy ground, a part of sand and two parts of humus will suit.
  • Choose a pot. Its minimum volume should be 1.5 liters, and the diameter - about 30 centimeters. As it grows, lavender will need to be replanted so that it grows well and blossoms.But the first flowers in any case will appear only after one or two years.
  • Lighting should be sufficient, so it is advisable to put the pot on the windowsill in a room located on the well-lit side, preferably on the warm side. If the light is not enough, but you need to use a fluorescent lamp.
  • Watering should be regular, especially during the growing season. But to prevent waterlogging and stagnation of water is not worth it, so it is advisable to water lavender as the soil dries. Water must be well defended. In winter, watering should be rare. Moisture should fall not only on the ground, but also partially on the green parts of the bush.
  • Temperature. The optimum temperature for growing is about 23-25 ​​degrees. But in the winter it is desirable to reduce it to 19-20. In any case, it should not fall below 15 degrees, then the plant will simply freeze.
  • In summer, the pot can be taken out to fresh air, for example, to the garden or to the balcony. But to such "walks" accustom the lavender gradually.
  • If the humidity in the room is low, or there is a battery nearby, then regularly spray leaves, stems, and flowers.
  • At the end of summer the bush can be cut a little. All dry leaves are removed.
  • Top dressing.You can use special fertilizers for flowers. 2 grams of fertilizer is added to 1 liter of water. After planting, the plant should be fed every week for ten weeks. Next, apply fertilizer only during the flowering period. But then you need to stop feeding, so that the lavender is thoroughly prepared for the winter.
  • The main problem that may arise is overflow and subsequent plant rot. The main signs are yellowing and rotting of leaves and stems. The pests attempt on lavender rather rarely because of its bright smell.

Even a budding florist can grow lavender at home if he follows the simple rules listed above.

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