How to hack a computer?

Many users wonder how to hack the computer. It should be noted that this is quite realistic. To begin, we will consider the method of hacking and / or password recovery on Windows 7. It can also be used for other versions of Windows, since the sequence of actions is identical. This will require an installation disk.

Hacking with a disk

  1. Turn on the PC and boot the system from the disk Windows 7.
  2. Click "Next".
  3. Select the option "System Restore."
  4. In the window "System Restore Settings" select "Next."
  5. In the opened window, select the option "Command line".
  6. From the command line, copy the “Seth” document and move it to drive C. To do this, type the following line: “C: \ windows \ system32 \ Seth.exe c:” (without quotes).
  7. Then we replace the Seth.exe file with the Cmd.exe file when entering the command and enter “yes” - in order to replace the file: “c: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe c: \ windows \ system32 \ Seth.exe” (without quotes).
  8. Enter "exit" to restart the Windows system.
  9. When the screen with a user account appears, press the Shift key 5 times in a row. A sticking window appears. Choose "Yes."
  10. Then we will need to create a new account in the hacked system by entering a username and a new password. In the command line, enter in turn “net user”, “user name” and “password” after each entered line and press the “Enter” key.
  11. Next, close the black window commands. The operating system will continue to boot with new parameters.
  12. In the field "Login", "Password" enter the new data that you created in the command line.

Hacking someone else's computer

How to hack someone else's computer? First of all, you need to get remote access to another computer:

  1. To do this, first download the LogMeIn software to the computer to which you want to connect. Go to the LogMeIn website.
  2. Create a new account and register.
  3. Open the “My Computers” tab.
  4. Add to the list the name of another computer to which you want to connect. Click the Add Computer button and fill in the fields provided for this.
  5. Select a computer and click on it after adding it.
  6. Log into the computer (for this you need to know the password of the computer user account).
  7. Click "Remote Control". In order that while using the computer, the user does not know that you have connected to his computer,do nothing.
  8. Do not forget to turn off the remote connection session when you perform the necessary actions.

Via wireless Wi-Fi network

The third method is to break the password through a wireless network Wi-Fi.

  1. First download the following programs: and. The first program allows you to determine the vulnerability of the network, and the second - to crack the password. Note: Your computer's wireless network adapter must be compatible with CommView.
  2. Find the network you are interested in. Use CommView for this purpose. The security level of the selected network must be WEP type.
  3. Right-click on the desired network. Go to the “Copy the physical MAC address” menu item, then select the “Rules” tab, then “MAC address”, enable the rules for MAC addresses. Perform the following sequence: Action → Capture → Add Record → Both. Paste the copied MAC address.
  4. View data packages. You need to display only packages with data Data (D), for this you need to put a filter on the Control (C) and Management (M) packages.
  5. Save information (data packets). Turn on autosave by going to the Logging tab. You will need to change the size of the folders and the size of the files. Set new values: 2500 and 25.
  6. Packet collection. Click the "Play" button and wait.It is necessary that at least 150000 packages be accumulated.
  7. Click the “Concatenate Logs” button in the “Log” tab. Make sure all items are selected.
  8. Perform data export. Go to the folder where you saved the log file, select the file you need. Run the following sequence: File → Export → WireShark / tcpdump format and save the file to your hard drive.
  9. Next, open the file using the Aircrack software. Open the Aircrack program, specify the type of WEP. Open the file previously saved on your hard disk and click "Launch".
  10. Enter the index. A command line will appear in which you must specify "1". Wait. The key you need appears. Enter it and get access to the computer.