How to hack the chest in minecraft?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
September 23, 2014
How to hack the chest in minecraft?

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How to hack the chest in minecraft?

In minecraft for the player there are tremendous opportunities to create the reality that he wants. Players use all the objects that come their way. Many users wonder how to hack the chest in minecraft. There are several ways to do this.

Break open the chest

For example, the easiest way is to open the chest with a gold key. But it is worth noting that not all chests can be cracked in this way. Some can not be cracked at all. Also, most chests open like this: you need to get to the desired chest at a distance of one block. Next, put a sign near the chest and just press the enter key. Prescribed in the plate: 1, B1 (Russian letter), then WOOL: 16 It turns out like this:

  • Blank line
  • 1
  • IN 1
  • WOOL: 16

Everything, the chest is open, now you can take from it what lies there.

How to create a forbidden chest

In addition to how to open someone else's chest, players want to learn how to create chests in minecraft.No one can open the closed chest except for you. You can store your personal belongings in it, it can be very useful if you do not want another player to take possession of your belongings.

  1. To do this, enter the command "Create block" in the command block.
  2. You also need to set the coordinates and come up with the name of the chest.
  3. Enter the command "Install"
  4. Click "Block". Now no one can pick up your belongings.

Useful commands

  • "/ cprivate player player2" - this command allows the owner to use the chest and the players he specifies.
  • "/ cremove" - ​​remove protection from the item (but it can only be removed by the owner).
  • "/ cunlock password" - as a result, you open an item that is protected by a password.