How to hack your computer?

Many PC users faced the problem of logging into Windows when they forgot or accidentally lost their password. However, this is not a reason to worry too much, call for help from specialists or look for which program will be useful for cracking a computer password. Today, there are many simple solutions to how to hack your computer.

Account recovery

If the account created during the installation of the OS was not closed with a password, you can use the following method. When the user selection window appears on the screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard. In the future, you will be given the opportunity to log into the system by manually registering the user. Then you need to find a "hidden" administrator. Type in “administrator” (the place for entering the password should remain empty) and press Enter. This will allow you to log in with administrator rights. If everything went well, then you need to go to the Control Panel, find the account and remove the password that is set for it.Now you can safely log out and log in with your own account without any passwords.

If the Administrator is set to enter a password, you will have to repeat the same actions, but, previously, logging into the system through Safe Mode.

BIOS password

The BIOS password is one of the most effective ways to protect your PC from unauthorized access. There are several options how to solve the password.

  1. Some motherboards have a specialized jumper designed to clear CMOS (memory, where the settings remain). Often, this item is located next to the battery on the board. However, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions for the personal computer. In addition, a pair of pins can be used instead of a jumper. To reset the CMOS, just close them with a metal screwdriver.
  2. If the jumper is present on the board, then to clear the CMOS, turn off the PC, put the jumper so that it closes the contacts, and start the computer. The PC will not start to boot. However, the settings will be reset. To properly turn on the computer, just remove the jumper. In the future, you can press the F1 key.This will set the BIOS settings. If you plan to work with the standard parameters, then select "save and exit" in the BIOS. Then the PC will boot.
  3. All motherboards have a special battery, which is a power supply for CMOS memory. That it allows you to save data. Often, this is a typical CR2032 battery. To clear the CMOS, turn off the PC and remove the battery (for this, it is recommended to arm yourself with a thin screwdriver). After about five to ten minutes, put the battery back in place and start the personal computer. As a result, the BIOS will set the default settings (the password will no longer be). To continue the download, you must press the F1 button. If the standard settings suit you, choose Save and exit in the BIOS.

Computer password cracking software

  1. The most popular is the utility Offline NT Password and Registry editor. It is enough to download it and burn the image to disk. This program does not provide a graphical interface. However, you should not worry - everything in it is extremely clear. In addition, the required option is offered by default, respectively, the user can only press Enter.
  2. You can also use the Ophcrack program by downloading it. With it, you can "remember" your own password (you will not have to change it). Write the image of the program to a disk or flash drive on another computer. Then restart the computer on which you want to crack the password, and insert the disk or flash card. If the information from the media did not load the first time, you need to restart the computer again.