How to hang blinds?

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How to hang blinds?

Currently, blinds are very popular. It will not be difficult to choose home roller blinds for every taste and wallet, because the stores have a huge range of "window curtains". The advantage of using blinds is obvious - they protect the room from direct sunlight, while the construction material does not fade. In the article you will find instructions for installing blinds on plastic windows.

How to hang the blinds on a plastic window

Required tools

  • yardstick;
  • building level;
  • drill with a thin drill;
  • pencil;
  • fasteners (if the material is not in the configuration).

Blind installation process

Measurement of plastic windows and a choice of blinds

Due to the fact that plastic windows can vary in size, it is necessary to measure them before purchasing the blinds.

  1. Using a tape measure, measure the height and length of the window.
  2. To the results of the width add five centimeters fromjalousieeach side, since the blinds must completely hide the window.At the same time make sure that the future roller shutters will not dig into the frame.
  3. If you want to install blinds in the window opening, then, on the contrary, remove from the width of two centimeters.
  4. In addition, you can hang the blinds on each flap separately. Make measurements taking into account that the window fittings do not affect the design of the blinds.
  5. You can choose the length of the canvas at your discretion: the product can be either up to the floor or to the level of a window sill.

In any case, you can consult about the size of the blinds with the seller, giving him to calculate the dimensions of the glass.

If you purchase blinds for a double window, then check with a specialist for a lifting mechanism on the right and left side.

Installation of blinds on a plastic window

  1. Unpack the package with the purchased design and carefully read the instructions.
  2. Mark the location of the mounting brackets. Modern blinds have already drilled holes for fasteners, so do the markup according to them. To work, use the measuring tape, pencil and building level.
  3. Attach the mounting brackets to the opening so that the latches are on top.Pre-drill the holes in the window with a thin drill.
  4. Next, insert the container with the blinds and close the latch brackets.
  5. jalousieCheck the work on fit and fastening: the container should be easily removable, but the brackets should be firmly attached to the window.
  6. Then work is required to install the lower holders. For this, it is necessary to lower the shutter blades downwards and outline such a position so that the curtain is in a stretched state (but does not hang out).
  7. Drill the holes for the holders, and then fasten them with screws. Holders are necessary to ensure that the shutter curtain fits tightly on the window during airing of the room. If necessary, lift the shutter up, you will need to pull the bottom of the canvas from the lower holders.
  8. Management of blinds is carried out thanks to a nylon cord. Use the plastic control lever to rotate the blind slats.

How to hang blinds on a plastic window without drilling

If you do not want to leave holes in the window frame, then you can use the blinds, the design of which allows you to fix the product without using a drill.If you are going to stay on this method of installing blinds, then before buying "window curtains" consult with a specialist. Let the seller help you determine the choice of blinds, because not all types are designed for this method.

The technology of fixing the blinds is to glue the product to the window frame or to use the cap brackets.

Gluing blinds

  1. The first step is to degrease the work surface before installation (for example, acetone).
  2. Then check that the frame is not cold. Otherwise, it is recommended to warm the surface with a hair dryer.
  3. Glue the product on a double-sided tape, glue or magnet depending on the type of fastening.

Fastening blinds to the brackets

The cap bracket works on the clamping principle. To hang the blinds on the window, you only need to fix the bracket on the window sash and fix the roll with the canvas.

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We remind you that the choice of blinds on plastic windows without drilling does not involve much effort.In addition to the configuration attached detailed instructions with the rules of installation. Such products are easy to use and have a light weight and compact size.

If you decide to hang the blinds on a plastic window using a drill, then pay attention to careful measurement of the window and marking. When drilling use a drill of thin diameter.

If you doubt your abilities, then seek the help of qualified professionals. They will not only make all the measurements and install the design, but also provide a guarantee on the work done.