How to inflate balls?

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How to inflate balls?

The use of balloons - creating a fun atmosphere at the festival. Since childhood, everyone remembers the joy they gave. In those days, the balls were completely different and it was quite difficult to inflate them. A lot of time was spent on this process.

To date, there are several ways to inflate balls:

  • ballooning without extras;
  • mini - pump;
  • rocket;
  • helium.

Inflating balls without accessories

In order to inflate the balls, you can use special tools, and you can do without them:

  1. We stretch the ball in different directions to make the material softer. But do not overdo it, as from excessive stretching it can burst in the process of inflation.
  2. We take the ball by the tail with two fingers: the index and the thumb.Balls
  3. We collect air into the lungs and release air from the lungs into the cavity of the balloon. It should be remembered that the lips should be tightly compressed.
  4. First, the ball will resist, and then very quickly will inflate. If the ball is large, you will not be able to inflate it the first time, so repeat the steps described in paragraph 3 a few more times.
  5. In order to take a breath, close the ball tightly with your fingers.
  6. After you fully inflate the ball, tie the tip into a bundle or use a ribbon for this purpose.

This way you can inflate balloons without using helium and any available tools.

Using a mini pump

If you can not inflate balloons with your mouth, use a mini - pump - this is the easiest device, which can inflate balloons:Balls

  1. We put the tip of the pump in the tail hole of the ball.
  2. Move the pump handle and the air will automatically flow into the cavity of the balloon.


The rocket is an electric versatile device designed to fill very large latex balloons with air.

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. We put the tip of the pump in the tail hole of the ball.
  3. We begin to gradually fill the ball with air.
  4. After the balloon is fully inflated, turn off the fixture and tie the balloon so that the air does not go in the opposite direction.


Helium is an inert gas that contains neither color nor odor. Thanks to the use of the gel, the balloons easily rise up and fly in the air (since helium is lighter than air).Filling balloons with helium has its own characteristics, so during the work we will need:

  • helium balloon;
  • pressure gauge;
  • replaceable nozzles.


  1. We purchase a balloon with helium and nozzles in a specialized store.
  2. Fix the nozzle on the balloon.
  3. Put the ball on the nozzle of the cylinder and open the valve.
  4. When the ball reaches the desired size, close the valve.
  5. Before inflating the balloons with helium, inflate them with simple air. So you will be convinced of the integrity of the ball. Remember that a fully inflated balloon will fly longer, so do not save helium.Balls
  6. If you want to extend the life of helium balloons to 5 days, cover them with a layer of plastic.
  7. Tie the finished ball knot tied.
  8. If you want to inflate balloons of the same size, then you need to make a saiser (a small device that allows you to adjust the size of the balls filled with gas). To do this, take a sheet of cardboard or plastic, and cut into it the hole of the desired diameter. In the course of work, you simply insert the balloon into the hole and determine whether it is necessary to add helium or not. Thus, all the balls will be the same size.

With the help of helium you can inflate foil balloons, but you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is not necessary to “retool” the foil ball, as in this case it will quickly burst, because the foil is very poorly stretched. Pump first 90% of the ball, and when it comes to normal, fill the rest of the space.
  2. Double the balloon: one person holds the balloon and the other holds a balloon with helium and regulates the flow of helium into the cavity of the balloon.

If you choose one of the methods, you will be able to inflate the balls at home using improvised means. And if you purchase a helium balloon, you can inflate balloons with this gas, and the balloons will not fall to the ground.