How to install a baby car seat?

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How to install a baby car seat?

Chairs, designed for any weight and height of the child, can be fixed in several ways: using standard auto seat belts and using the IsoFix system

Let us consider in more detail the pros and cons of each method and find out how to install a child car seat.

Fastening straps

This is the most "universal" mounting option car seats. So you can fix the seat in any car where there are three-point seat belts. True, the installation procedure itself is quite complicated. Published research data that show that almost 60% of the seats are fixed by the owners incorrectly. So be extremely careful and follow the instructions "How to install a child car seat" provided by the manufacturer of the seat.

Keep in mind that when installing a seat using belts, you will definitely come across some of the nuances associated with a particular seat group. For example, to fasten the seats of the group 0 and 0 1 you need rather long seat belts. So, making a purchase, specify the length of the car belt of your car.It must be at least two meters, otherwise it may not be enough.

But the chairs of group 1, as a rule, are equipped with a useful function: they have a belt tension system. This makes it possible with little effort and very firmly to fix the seat in the car.

In the chairs of the group 2-3 do not contain separate seat belts. The child is fastened directly by automobile belts.

Mounting with the IsoFix system

This system is a standard way of attaching a child seat to a car seat. Such a fixation option is simple and reliable, while complying with international safety standards. The risk of incorrect installation is minimized, and protection during a collision is ensured by the rigid attachment between the seat and the car seat.

Externally, IsoFix consists of two metal "brackets" located in the back seat of the car, where the back of the seat and the seat mat touch. Such a fixation system is recognized as a generally accepted standard, so it has no variations. And in some brands of cars on the back of the seat you can see the inscription "IsoFix" or the icon depicting a car seat.

Among the main advantages of mounting a child seat using the system:

  • Ease and speed of installation and dismantling of the chair
  • Stiffness between the seat and the seat of the car
  • No problems installing the seat under the engine seat
  • Almost complete installation error
  • High degree of protection in the event of an accident
  • Absolute compliance with international standards

However, despite the universality of the system, there are several shortcomings in its application. Among them:

  • High cost of seats
  • Use only heavy seats

There are also a number of features that just need to be considered when choosing a chair with the IsoFix system. These features are dictated by age group.

For example, if the model is adapted for the IsoFix system, it will save the maximum time for its installation. Included with this chair attached special base, which is fixed in the car. At the same time, the chair itself snaps onto the base from above. This option allows you to not use seat belts at all.

Console latches IsoFix secure the seat only at 2 points. And the seat itself must be fixed in one third point, which will avoid twisting and tipping over.

This “third attachment point” can be of three types:

  • "Leg".It rests on the bottom of the car (used in chairs 0 and 1).
  • TopTether strap. This is the upper reference point (used only in chairs of group 1). A special belt secures the upper part of the child seat for a separate car mount. It is located behind the headrest or below the back of the back:
  • The system of "mobile console latches." It is patented by only one manufacturer of child seats - the company Romer. In models of such seats IsoFix locks if necessary move in horizontal position. Thanks to this, the chair does not roll over, but "sinks" down.

But children's universal car seats, which combine several age groups, are not provided for the IsoFix system. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of buying a model.

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