How to install a metal door?

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How to install a metal door?

Among all types of entrance doors, metal is considered the safest and most durable. Usually, their installation is entrusted to repair company specialists. But this significantly increases the final cost of the door, which in itself is far from small. And so many people are wondering how to install a metal door on their own. Believe that for the skillful owner there is nothing difficult in this. We will tell about this process in more detail.

How to install metal entrance door

In our article How to install the door, we talked about the features of the installation of interior doors. The installation process of a metal door has its differences and consists of several successive stages. Consider each of them in more detail.

Dismantling the old door

Separate the old door leaf from the box. Usually earlier when installing the doors collapsible hinges were used, so it will be easy to remove them. Slightly openDoorthe door, pry it with a crowbar, lift it up to the moment it jumps off its hinges.

In the case of using one-piece hinges, just use a screwdriver, unscrew them. Now you need to dismantle the box itself. Remove all nails and anchors, then cut the racks to the sides. With the help of crowbar, they can be easily torn off the joint. Then take out the bottom and top of the box.

After you get rid of the old door, you need to pull out the old nails, knock off the remaining plaster and, of course, remove the accumulated debris.

Installing a new door frame

Carrying out this stage, it is necessary to ensure that the new box is tight enough to enter the doorway. If you notice that the door frame has gaps in each side, you must fill it with cement-alabaster mortar. Now we cover the doorway with a layer of primer. We try to insert the door frame into it, securing it by driving wooden wedges.

There are special mounting pins for fixing the door frame to the wall, it is better to take them with a diameter of 15 cm. In order for the pin to safely enter the wall, it needs oneDoorhand sharpen.And in order that on the other hand, he pressed tightly against the box, it is necessary to give it to the second end with the help of a hammer in the shape of a cap. When these pins are clogged, make sure that the box does not lean against the wall and the gap between the box and the wall is the same on both sides.

At this stage, it is unlikely that it will be possible to properly install a metal door with your own hands without assistance. Therefore, it would be better if you invite your relatives or friends to help you. This will significantly increase the pace and quality of work. For more information about this stage of installation, you can read the article How to install the front door.

"Trying" door leaf and sealing gaps

To do this, put the door on the hinges and several times open and close. If it opens easily and closes tightly, then the previous stage was successful. Remove the door from the hinges until the work is completed.Door

Those gaps that remain after the installation of the box, fill the cement mixture, not the assembly foam. This is necessary in order to provide more reliable protection against intruders entering your home. It is enough to cut the foam, and access to the mounting pins will be free, and the pins themselves will be cut by the grinder.And the cement will protect you from such troubles, not allowing intruders to easily get even to the mounting pins.

Dilute a not very dense cement solution, and fill the grooves with this mixture from both sides with this mate, starting work from the bottom and heading up. When everything is ready, use a spatula to remove any excess and level the surface. The seams between the wall and the door will help to hide the decorative platbands, which also play a protective role.

Putting on the door leaf

We have come to the final stage of the installation of metal doors. There is a special lubricant, which lubricates the door canopies, use it and we. Now we put the bearings on the canopies and hang the door on the hinges. It is necessary to stick the seal on the door itself and on the box; This is necessary so that the door slammed tightly and did not knock when closing.Door

In order to check how smoothly you have installed your door, try opening it slightly; it must remain in one place, namely to be immovable, not to slam shut, not to open slightly.

On the Internet there is a lot of video "How to install a metal door", after viewing which, you will get a visual idea of ​​this process.

Speaking about the installation of a metal door, I should say a few words and the need to properly adjust the locks. Open and close them, and if the locks are set correctly, the keys will easily turn in the keyhole.

If the lock "sticks", then it should be greased. This is done quite easily with a padlock.