How to install a screensaver?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
November 21, 2014
How to install a screensaver?

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How to install a screensaver?

As a rule, people try to be somehow different from the rest of society, standing out from the masses with interesting features. This also applies to the treatment of a personal computer, the desktop of which can tell a lot about its owner, showing the screen saver. Motorcycles, animated heroes, celebrity photos, intricate landscapes - this is a very short list of what people like to see as a replacement picture on their desktop. If you do not know how to install the screensaver on your computer running Windows, then read the instructions below.

Installing the screensaver on Windows 7

To install the windows 7 screensaver, follow these steps:

  1. By clicking the "Start" button, go to the "Control Panel";
  2. Find the "Design" section - "Screen";
  3. In the left menu, find the link "Change screensaver." In the new tab, you can choose from several standard screensavers offered by the system.Change screensaver

You can also download unique animation files from the Internet. The archive with the .exe extension in this case is enough to run - the program will make all necessary installations on its own.

Windows 8 and screensaver

To install the screensaver on your desktop in Windows 8, you only need to find the control panel, since the method is no different from the instructions for windows 7 described above:

  1. Call the search by leading the mouse to the lower right corner and in the appeared field we drive in the word: "splash screen" - in the left menu you will see an icon by clicking on which you can set parameters (select the type of splash screen, display intervals, etc.);
  2. Using all the same method, we go to the control panel, selecting there consistently the items "Design" - "Screen" - "Change screen saver".