How to install drivers on a laptop?

To complete the work on your laptop, you will need to install drivers for various devices. Before we tell you how to install drivers on a laptop, let's first talk about which drivers to install.

Video Card Drivers

Usually most often you need to install a new driver for a laptop video card. Depending on the model of your "laptop" video card (sometimes called a laptop), you will need to install different drivers. There are two main manufacturers: nVidia and ATI. First you need to know the type of video card. To do this, you can download a simple program for monitoring computer resources and its work. It is called CPUID HWMonitor, and you can download it here: "" - choose any convenient mirror for downloading and install. By running the program, you will see many different parameters and, in particular, the type of your video card and its temperature at the moment. If you have an nVidia video card, then you can download the latest driver for it from here: "".To do this, select the type and series of your video card (we need a series marked Notebooks - that is, for laptops), the operating system that is installed on your laptop and click "Search". Now just download the proposed driver. If your laptop has an ATI video card, go here: "" - select the driver you need and click on "Download" on the right. Please note that from these sites you can always install drivers on a laptop for free - if in other places they want to take money from you for this, it means they are deceiving you.

Sound card drivers and other devices

With drivers for a sound device, everything is much simpler, since in the overwhelming majority of cases in order for a sound to appear on a computer, it’s enough to download this driver: "" and select the item "AC'97 Audio Codecs (Software)". After that, accept the conditions by checking the box in the proposed item, select the desired operating system and proceed to download. In very rare cases when this method does not help, you need to find out which motherboard is installed on your computer and download a sound driver designed specifically for your motherboard. To find out the type of motherboard,we use the same CPUID HWMonitor, then we drive in the search system (Google, Yandex) and go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer, where we download the appropriate driver. A few words about what other drivers you may need. If you plan to connect (or have already connected) a webcam, printer, scanner or other device to your laptop, the system may require you to install the appropriate drivers. To do this, you just need to find out the model of the device for which you want to install the driver and download it from the Internet, if the installation disk is not attached to the device or if you need to update the driver.

How to install drivers on the Asus laptop?

The order of installing drivers on a laptop is no different from the order of installation on a stationary PC. You just need to click on the executable file with the * exe extension that you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, click "Next", agree to the terms of use (if required) and install the driver in the proposed folder. And one more thing concerning the search for drivers for your laptop devices. You can search manually, or you can use special programs that automatically search for drivers.I usually look for and update the drivers myself, because in that case I’m guaranteed to get the latest version of the driver, but if for some reason you don’t want to do this, download and install this program: "".