How to keep a post?

According to religious beliefs, fasting is a cleansing of everything superfluous that interferes with a person’s spiritual growth. This is not a sacrifice, but a joy, if you understand the true meaning of fasting. Unfortunately, today, for many, fasting has become a fashion, following a strict diet. Let's think about how to keep fasting, so as not to harm their own health and the health of loved ones.

For a long time to abandon the usual food, it means to create a serious load on the body, including psychological. Food brings us pleasure. For many, it is also the usual way to relax, relieve tension. Rejection of your favorite foods creates additional stress. Especially if there is no deep understanding that fasting is a time of spiritual self-improvement. During fasting, one should not entertain, be lazy, lie, offend others, be angry at oneself. Even to observe marital duties during fasting is not recommended.

The church recommends easing fasting for the sick, pregnant and children. Doctors are categorically opposed to the fasting of patients suffering from diseases of the digestive system. Pediatricians also do not recommend fasting for children.Scientific studies have shown: children are deficient in calcium due to their lower intake of dairy products. A lack of calcium in the body leads to brittle bones and other serious problems.

Preparing for the post

We have long forgotten how to properly post. According to religious traditions, which are quite consistent with medical advice, the post should have been prepared:

  • The whole Maslenitsa week preceding Lent was supposed to eat pancakes with any filling, except meat.
  • On the first day of the fast, one should go to the bathhouse in order to get rid of the remnants of meat food.
  • And the traditional fist fights at Shrovetide were needed in order to get rid of anger, guilt and meat spirit.

Sharply abandoning the usual food, you provoke an exacerbation of all chronic diseases. But people who have decided to fast for the first time are so zealous that they continue to starve, even if they are seriously unwell. Many clerics before the post appear in the media to remind you of how to properly keep the great post. The leitmotif of their appeals sounds "the main thing is not to eat people."That is, to show the best spiritual qualities: sympathy, mercy, compassion, engage in good deeds and charity. And what you will do with it, you will eat much less important.

Food rules during the post

Following the requirements of how to keep a great fast, you can not eat animal food, which means:

  • It is necessary to replace animal protein with vegetable. Include in the menu dishes of mushrooms, peas, beans, soy, lentils.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens.
  • Boiled vegetables will not replace fresh and can cause avitaminosis.
  • Excess pasta, potatoes, pastries, to drown out the feeling of hunger, will lead to extra pounds.

Doctors welcome the desire to fast adult, healthy people. Medicine advises to spend fasting days every week, it will help to lose weight. And Orthodox believers observe fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. Difficulties with digestion encountered during fasting will help eliminate:

  • lemon,
  • rosehip infusion,
  • juice of mint or lingonberry.
  • black pepper will improve the production of bile.

Now you know all about how to keep fast and what to eat during this period.All who wish to pass this test should take into account the peculiarities of their body and health. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order not to harm yourself. We wish you good luck!