How to keep the vessels in excellent condition: products to reduce cholesterol

Cardiovascular diseases, according to statistics, bother every second inhabitant of the planet. This fact is due to a long list of reasons: malnutrition, poorly clean ecology, stress, abuse of nicotine or alcohol, etc. A vital issue for a person who wants to prevent or stop the development of the pathology of the cardiovascular system, lower cholesterol. Products from a specific list will help to cope with this problem, even without the use of drugs.
Products to lower cholesterol
Products to reduce cholesterol help to avoid serious problems with the cardiovascular system.
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Why is it so important to control cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol performs important functions in the human body: it participates in the formation of blood molecules and the synthesis of hormones, protects the nervous and immune systems, and serves as a fuel for the muscles.

However, cholesterol fats are conditionally divided into good and bad. In the process of oxidation, good cholesterol, having a lot of positive properties, turns into a sticky substance and begins to coat the walls of blood vessels from the inside. If no action is taken, cholesterol plaques continue to grow, causing the person to have many unpleasant symptoms:

- high blood pressure;

- angina pectoris;

- arrhythmia;

- pain behind the sternum.

To lower bad cholesterol, pharmacological companies have developed special medications. But it is worth remembering that any medications do not in the best way affect the functioning of the liver, kidneys and other systems. Therefore, if the situation is not critical, it is better to reduce the number of pills consumed and focus on a special diet.

Products to lower cholesterol

The first helpers in the fight against cholesterol plaques are omega-3 fats. If you periodically eat sardines or wild salmon, the body's need for these essential acids will be met. Cook fish dishes better stewing, steamed or in the oven.

There are other products for lowering cholesterol in the blood.By the principle of their action, they are divided into three groups.

1. Binding products slow down the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. We are talking about nuts, peas, seeds, oats, oat flakes, barley, flax, oranges, apples and corn.

2. Inhibitors slow down the formation of cholesterol fats in the liver. These include grapefruits, lemons, pomegranates, tangerines, currants, blueberries, black plums.

3. Regulators accelerate the breakdown of harmful cholesterol. This food group includes strawberries, red peppers, all kinds of cabbage and cantaloupe.