How to keep weight after losing weight?

Hardly dropped 8 extra kg. She counted calories, ate the right food. I achieved it, but 3 months have passed, and I began to type a little, because I allow certain indulgences in food. Really, to be slim all the time you need to limit yourself to food, without vkusnyashek?


If I were you, I would clarify what you mean by concessions? If this is half the cake at 10 o'clock in the evening, then yes, it is worth stopping :) I myself painfully experience a rejection of sweets, for example. I found a way out for myself - energy bars, which I make myself. There are dried fruits, honey, good carbohydrates. This is better than candy wrappers from candy rustling)

It all depends on how the daily ration will be created after .. There are many products that will not affect the growth of fat mass of the body .. I met an advertisement like that Our phone is 576-578 and now I don’t have problems with food delivery, quickly and economically .

They themselves answered the question: without any indulgence - they lost weight. And with them you get fat again.

I do not rustle candy wrappers, half a cake at 10 pm - I do not even remember when she could. And concessions ...Well, here's a friend's birthday, on the table salads, snacks. When I lost weight, I only ate lettuce and protein (a piece of boiled meat, chicken that I brought with me). And now, well, I want delicious food. And she began to allow these concessions and all. Apparently, my fate - lettuce leaves all the time and boiled chicken. But, you see, it is not so tasty, especially when all the time. And energy bars, how often do you eat Hatita a week?

All my life you get fat-lose weight, get fat-lose weight. So, on your deathbed, remember how many chocolates you have eaten and will be sad to die.

And after the "indulgence" you will press 50 times and press 20 times!

Unfortunately, yes) beautiful body is a huge work

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This is helped by the good old 10 minute charge from Cindy Crawford and the replacement of some snacks with liquids. For example, it is useful to drink fresh juice or just milk. I'm buying milk with A2 protein, it is better absorbed.

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I for example, in general, after 36 years, began to count carbohydrates. there is a sign here stick to it. helps. gone elephant thighs, bespattering breeches. I flit easily and clearly. the face is fresh, the body is not clogged with carbohydrates.I will give good advice: girls, you have to be very careful with fruits!

I noticed that when I began to actively engage in the hall and at home, the weight remained the same. Even sometimes indulged in various bad things.

Well, you can say yes! Just need to look at the situation from a completely different angle and understand that you can save weight with the help of delicious food. You just need to look on the Internet for suitable recipes and cook. I, for example, often make the first and second dishes of shrimp all, they contain minerals, vitamins and amino acids that allow you to keep your body in good physical shape, contain zinc, omega-3, calcium and iodine in an amount sufficient to support hormonal balance, improve metabolism, adjust blood composition. And most importantly, are a dietary product and tasty.

Do sports: jogging, yoga, fitness.

I agree with you completely. The food should be tasty and light (then the body will feel light). Salads save me, especially love with shrimps lot of recipes with seafood and poultry. Vegetables are great help to support your diet and not to gain excess weight. I wish you health and harmony!

You need to understand that if you managed to lose weight - already success, it means that you managed to abandon gluttony and start to control yourself. The main thing - do not start to increase the number of calories.

Take such nutrition and exercise as a way of life. No other way

Do yoga.