How to kill in DotA 2?

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How to kill in DotA 2?

Creeps in DotA 2 - a kind of creatures that are the main source of gold. But only the one who gets the final blow in the game gets gold, so players are interested in how to kill creeps in DotA 2.

Creep Destruction Options

You can destroy your creeps if they have 50% of their health left. Players do this in order to give opponents less experience. Initially, the game can not kill their creeps, but there are some tricks. The process of killing your creeps in a game is called denying creeps.

You can kill or destroy your creep in several ways:

  • button "A". After setting the auto attack in the game settings, you need to wait until the creep has very little health, go to it and press the "A" button. After a few seconds, let it go and wait until the hero finishes off the creep.
  • right mouse button. If you want to beat the right mouse button, then you need to register a command in the console "dota_force_right_click_attack 1". The command simplifies the destruction of creeps, but it must be entered without quotes.After that, you need to press Enter, and it will become much easier to destroy your creeps.
  • move around the creep and beat him until there is only one hit left. In this case, the auto attack should also be enabled.
  • finish on the spot. You can also just stand still and beat your creep to the rest of your health for 1 hit. Such an attack is possible even when the auto attack is off.
  • skill heroes. In addition, some heroes have skills that can deal more damage and use less mana.

Tool to fight

The best tool for melee is an ax, it can do damage in 32%. For ranged combat, it is less effective and deals 10% damage.

It is also worth noting that other players can knock out most of the health of the creep, your task is to deliver the final blow and get the gold. Experienced players are advised not to attack their creeps, but to wait for the enemies to take some of their health, and only then go on the offensive.

In addition, in the game you can finish the towers and heroes of the allies. In this case, you cause damage to enemies, because if you destroy the tower, they receive less gold, and for the hero they do not receive anything.